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Leading Solutions Talent Management And Development Services

  1. A Systemic Approach to Talent Management
  2. Fin. Mkts, Shareholders Mkt Needs, Oppts Customer Expectations Process Structure Culture Performance Outputs Strategies Goals Tactics Objectives Balanced Scorecard * Financial * Customer * Process * Innovation & Learning Gov. Regulations Indus. Standards Capital Copyright © 2000 / 2007 Leading Solutions Vision/Mission Org. Values Value Propositions
  3. Potential RTI Talent Management Journey Talent Assessment Development Planning Talent Alignment Talent Placement Org. Impact & ROI Program Design Talent Development
  4. Potential RTI Talent Development Approach To Next Slide Communication Plan Pre - Work Talent Pool Event 1: Talent Pool Event 2: Action Learning & Individual Coaching
  5. Potential RTI Talent Development Approach Action Learning & Individual Coaching Presentation to Exec. Team w/ Feedback Celebration! Measurement
  6. REACTION (easy) LEARNING (hard) BEHAVIOR (harder) RESULTS Outcomes (hardest) Learners evaluate The experience Learners grasp and Understand key content Points Learners’ performance and behavior changes Learning produces strategic and operational results Measurement: Levels of Evaluation
  7. Contact Us Chris Dewar VP, Learning and Development Email: [email_address] Cell: (919) 302-5726