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Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Ecuador

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Ecuador’s liberal investment regulations and business-friendly environment make their accounting and financial industry one of the most developed in Latin America.

You might be restless to make the most of the fiscal advantages of the Ecuadorian economy, but it is important you go in understanding what the country’s current accounting and auditing standards are. You should also be aware of all the current tax laws to properly run your business in the country. Check out the presentation below made by Biz Latin Hub accountants and lawyers to learn the most pertinent tax and auditing information for Ecuador. If you are looking for auditing services in Ecuador or need assistance to manage and process your payroll in Ecuador, we are here to help with any financial service you might need

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Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Ecuador

  1. 1. Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Ecuador
  2. 2. Current Fiscal Advantages in Ecuador Recent Government changes that resolved disputes between foreign investors and the State. Strong worker potection law. Ecuador is a member of the International Labour Organization. Many investment opportunities in the oil and minig sector. Tariff reductions have incresed trade up to 70% Flexible private sector, allowing a diversified economy and higher productivity.
  3. 3. Accounting & Tax Requirements in Ecuador Value Added Tax Rate Corporate Company Tax Rate Dividend Tax Rate Limited Liability Company Tax Rate Branch Tax Rate 12% 22%* 10% 35% 22%-28% Requirement to file Monthly Taxes Requirement to file Annual Taxes Reporting to what Accounting Standard Requirement to invoice through the National Tax Authority Yes Yes IFRS Yes, SRI Key Information: Additional Capital Gain Tax (CGT) applies
  4. 4. Accounting and Taxation Services Accounting Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables and Treasury Reporting Tax Planning and Declarations Payroll Services Audit Services We keep your books and accounting registries in compliance with local laws and regulations. We provide complete and comprehensive support services for these key areas. We can adapt reports to your specific needs, in multiple currency formats and complying with international and local accountancy standards Planning and presentation of taxes before the local tax authorities Calculation, presentation and payment We provide bespoke, and tailored audit services to meet legal, financial and compliance requirements
  5. 5. We Can Help! Biz Latin Hub is a market leader in helping local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America and has multi-lingual services that are Reliable, Tailored and Responsive Commercial Representation Company Formation Immigration Services Accounting and Taxation Services Other Services Legal Services
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