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Employee Engagement + Learning Culture = A True Love Story

  1. What is Employee Engagement?
  2. To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Doug Conant, Former CEO of Campbell’s Soup
  3. The Employee Engagement Continuum
  4. The Employee Engagement Continuum Continuum of behavior | Engaged, Disengaged, Actively Disengaged Engaged Actively Disengaged
  5. 41% 33% 28% 26% Traditionalists Millennials Gen Xer’s Boomers Engagement Levels by Generation
  6. ENGAGED • Help meet business goals • Committed to the organization and its values • Consistent high performers • Positive attitude • Motivated • Take initiative • Communicate well, and help others • Look to improve processes and efficiency. • Use talents, and work to grow their skills.
  7. DISENGAGED • Do what’s required, but they’re not “going the extra mile.” • Performance is satisfactory • Satisfied with themselves as-is • Putting in the hours, but not the energy • No initiative, no emotional commitment • “It’s not a job. It’s a sentence—nine to five, five to life.”
  8. ACTIVELY DISENGAGED • More than just disconnected workers • Miserable in their jobs • Angry at their employer • Misery loves company • Water cooler conversation is a gripe session • Actively working AGAINST the organization • Undermine co-workers • Pass around negative rumors • Sabotage projects
  9. Poll Question: What percentage of your workforce is disengaged?
  10. 30% 52% 18% Engaged Disengaged Actively Disengaged
  11. $300 million are lost annually due to actively disengaged employees!
  12. So, where is your team on this continuum?
  13. 80% of people who quit were dissatisfied with their manager. SOURCE: Carnegie
  14. What Can You Do to Improve Employee Engagement?
  15. 6 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Measure engagement and work with data. Focus on engagement at multiple levels – senior leadership and grass roots. Select the right managers. Train and coach managers on key skills and competencies that lead to employee engagement. Define engagement in realistic everyday terms. Find ways to connect to every employee.
  16. Measuring Engagement Gallup’s Q12 Kenexa’s Survey Accord Management System HR Solutions’ Sweet 16 Surveys and Tools
  17. Alternative direct measures The percentage of participation in ad-hoc meetings and initiatives vs. recurring meetings and processes. Time spent collaborating directly with customers outside of normal scope of work. The number of network connections and time spent with people outside of immediate team or region. The amount of work that occurs outside of normal working hours. Measuring Engagement SOURCE: Harvard Business Review, A Primer on Measuring Employee Engagement
  18. Define engagement in realistic and everyday terms.
  19. SOURCE:
  20. Select the right managers.
  21. Top 10 Skills: IN 2020 IN 2015 1. Complex Problem Solving 2. Critical Thinking 3. Creativity 4. People Management 5. Coordinating With Others 6. Emotional Intelligence 7. Judgment And Decision Making 8. Service Orientation 9. Negotiation 10. Cognitive Flexibility 1. Complex Problem Solving 2. Coordinating With Others 3. People Management 4. Critical Thinking 5. Negotiation 6. Quality Control 7. Service Orientation 8. Judgment And Decision Making 9. Active Listening 10. Creativity Source: Future of Job Report, World Economic Forum
  22. Key Competencies and Skills for Your Managers
  23. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Our ability to understand and monitor our own feelings and emotions, and the feelings and emotions of those around us. The connection and interaction of the emotional and rational parts of our brain Strategies to adopt and improve Attitudes, choices and behaviors
  24. COACHING SKILLS The manager focuses on the actual needs of his or her employees and puts those needs first. Focus on the development of the employee not the tasks Structure for accountability, action and outcomes Ask vs. Tell Approach
  25. Why Coaching Skills Are Important For Your Managers? Top Missing Skills In Mid-Level Leaders 1. Coaching 2. Performance Appraisal 3. Developing Others 4. Managing Change 5. Communications 6. Business Acumen SOURCE: Bersin by Deloitte 21% Organizations with senior leaders who coach effectively and frequently IMPROVE BUSINESS RESULTS BY 21% SOURCE: Bersin by Deloitte
  26. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Ensuring the message and method are appropriate to the situation and desired results. Feedback Keep employees connected Maintain relationships
  27. DELEGATION The right task to the right people.
  28. Focus on engagement at multiple levels – senior leadership and grass roots.
  29. Focus on Strengths 61% of employee’s with managers that focus on strengths are engaged – twice the average! SOURCE: Gallup
  30. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic
  31. Find ways to connect every employee.
  32. Improving Engagement Short Video Series • Employee Engagement - Bad Deal or Real Deal? • The What and Why of Employee Engagement • The Employee Engagement Continuum • Measuring Employee Engagement • Improving Your Team's Employee Engagement • Ideas for Improving Engagement • How to Improve Your Engagement at Work
  33. Leadership Feedback: What employees want to tell you…but don’t! The best assessment of your leadership comes from those you lead. It's true; most leaders live in a vacuum. They don't receive much feedback from the people they lead. In fact, they often have no idea how good--or bad--their leadership really is. "Leadership Feedback" is an entertaining and thought provoking video training program that provides the kind of honest feedback leaders don't normally hear.
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