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How to Adopt a Servant Leadership Mindset at Your Organization

  1. Turning the Pyramid Upside Down | YOUR ONLINE LEARNING PARTNER 2 • Top-down • Control • Command • Hierarchy • Orders • Micro-managing
  2. POLL What is your knowledge of servant leadership? A. I have no knowledge. What is servant leadership? B. I have heard of servant leadership, but we don't use it at our company. C. We have thought about using servant leadership at our company. D. We're currently using the servant leadership style at our company!
  3. The History of Servant Leadership
  4. • Top-down • Control • Command • Hierarchy • Orders • Micro-managing • Bottom-up • Support • Letting go • Upside-down hierarchy • Empowering From this… To this… Turning the Pyramid Upside Down
  5. Who is a Servant Leader? "The servant-leader is a servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.” - Robert Greenleaf
  6. Qualities of a Servant Leader • Good listening skills • Openness to new ideas • Cultivation of trust • Civility • Empathy • Selflessness • Encouragement • Consensus • Awareness
  7. Business Focus of Servant Leadership • Stewardship of others • Foresight • Continuous improvement mindset
  8. Personal Characteristics of Servant Leaders • Humble • Professionally and personally nurturing • Inspirational • Healing
  9. Build Emotional Intelligence Put Employees First Steps to Transform your Leadership Mindset Act Human Stay Persistent Don’t wait for the CEO
  10. Don’t Wait for the CEO Step #1
  11. Knowing your emotions Managing your emotions Motivating yourself Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions Managing relationships Five ‘Domains’ of EQ Build Emotional Intelligence Step #2
  13. Put Employees First Step #3
  14. Act Human Step #4
  15. Stay Persistent Step #5
  16. Why do we need more servant leaders? • Increase of organizational effectiveness • Builds teams confidence, which leads to higher employee engagement • Enhanced creativity in employees • Helps retention • Many successful organizations operate as servant leaders
  17. Increase of organizational effectiveness Reason 1
  18. Builds teams’ confidence, which leads to higher employee engagement Reason 2
  19. Enhanced creativity in employees Reason 3
  20. “…the behavior of servant leaders inspires an environment of mutual trust in which subordinates reciprocate by exhibiting creative behavior” The Findings - Research by Neeraj Jaiswal and Rajib Dhar
  21. Helps employee and client retention Reason 4 15%Employees who are encouraged to use their strengths every day are less likely to quit their jobs. - Gallup
  22. 60 percent of graduating college students would be willing to accept a lower salary if that meant the chance to work for a terrific organization. – Accenture Survey
  23. Many successful organizations use servant leadership Reason 5
  24. Conclusion
  25. • Knowing the qualities of a servant leader Key Takeaways • The five steps to transform command-control leadership into a serve-first mindset • The benefits and successes of companies that run on a serve-first mindset
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