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Turn your office 365 into an employee hub

In this presentation you will learn how to turn Office 365 into an easy-to-use Employee Hub that provides the tools your business and employees need to easily and quickly search for documents, access information, complete HR forms, execute manual processes, and find self-help – just to name a few.

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Turn your office 365 into an employee hub

  1. 1. How to Turn Your Office 365 Into An Employee Hub Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Introductions 2) Capabilities and Features of an EmployeeHub 3) Turning Office 365 into an Employee Hub 4) Demo of BizPortals 365 5) Q&A Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  3. 3. BizPortals Solutions Full Service Product / Development Implementation Office 365 Services Expertise Intranet/business portals SharePoint Office 365 Microsoft platforms Focus Office 365 Users Small and Medium- Sized Businesses Enterprise (teams and departments) Microsoft Gold Partner for 15+ Years Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  4. 4. Common Challenges Employees Face  Lack of central, simple, easy-to-use tools  Lack of access to up-to-date information  Too much time spent on finding information  Burdened with HR/admin tasks and manual processes  Lack of mobility Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  5. 5. Capabilities & Features of an Employee Hub Houses Up-to-Date Information  Company news, announcements, and content  Easy to add, edit, and distribute content  Enterprise search for documents and content Offers Self Service Help  Admin tasks – digitized and automated forms mgmt.  HR – policies, procedures, training videos, onboarding help  IT – service tickets  Self-help – FAQ, knowledge base, and in-context help Automates Workflows  Multi-stage workflows and approvals  Workflows from existing business systems  Notifications and reminders Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  6. 6. Enhances Collaboration  Dedicated team/department sites  Embedded project discussions  Multiple forms of communication Improves Employee Engagement  Simple and easy to use  Employee feedback & recognition Manages Day-to-Day Work  Document Management  Project and Task Management  Employee Management Enables Mobility  Anytime, any device access  Brings remote teams together Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions Capabilities & Features of an Employee Hub
  7. 7. Turning Your Office 365 Into an Employee Hub ERP QMS Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  8. 8. Key Considerations for an Employee Hub on Office 365  Offer Self-Service tools  Provide a simple user experience  Use Office 365 tools that you need  Make it a cohesive workplace solution  Understand your options for building an Employee Hub Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  9. 9. Options for Creating an Employee Hub on Office 365 Options Pros Cons (a) Using disparate systems • No additional investment • Integration complexities • Lose time and productivity • Inhibits business growth (b) Build yourself Intranet • Customized to your needs and experience • Large time and dollar investment • Requires expert skills & management • Increased risk of failure (c) Ready-to-go Office 365 Intranet • Quick ROI with minimal investment • Quick implementation • Can be customized • Cost-free technology and feature updates • Minimum customization required to reach 100% of needs Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortals Solutions
  10. 10. 11 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions Let us know how we can help Contactinfo: