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Highland Springs Plansbook

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Highland Springs Plansbook

  1. 1. presents H I G H L A N D S P R I N G S C O U N T R Y C L U B P L A N S B O O K Missouri State University Created by Michelle Anderson Madeline Elliott Kaitlin McGautha Blakely Rockel Allyson Sykora
  2. 2. 3 Highland Spring’s country club is a well-established golf course in Springfield Missourithatoffersfamilyorientedprogramsandamenitiesforsociallyfocused events. With Highland Springs being only 25 years old, they are the youngestcountryclubinthearea.Thiscouldprovetobebothabenefit and a drawback. Since they are so young, they have a competitive barrier to break but also have the opportunity to make a lasting impression by bringing a fresh innovative feel to the field. With a strong strategic plan to support the course’s objective, we can successfully impact their new target market of young professionals seeking membershipforsocialbenefits.Ourteamplans on implementing this strategy by providing these young professionals with the casual events that they are seeking. With these additions we would like to organize a formal event as well to keep the value of the clubs name close at heart to its current members. The club is also home to many families which enjoy the club for its family friendly programs and amenities. While these are great qualities for a clubtohave,thereisroomforthemtogainanevenstrongermemberbase. Our research shows that it he club were to work towards adding on a spa or fitness center that our target market of younger professionals would be more willing to spend the money on a membership. Highland’s biggest weakness is their member retention, which we plan on expanding by using various advertising mediums to spread a positive word of mouth that will hopefully in turn, being them new, trustworthy and ideal members. We have created advertisements and chosen mediums that we feel will better reach out to this specify age group. If these ideas are executed in a confident manner, with time the memberships will grow as will the relationship between members and the club. E X E C U T I V E S U M M A R Y
  4. 4. 5 O B J E C T I V E S Highland Springs Country Club’s primary objectives are to: increase membership, events, and community outreach; reach out to young professionals for memberships; and decrease amount of suspended memberships (people leaving the club, getting them to keep membership for a longer period of time). We want to establish awareness for Highland Springs Country Club by advertising online through social media, as well as on the radio. We also plan for the club to have more local events be free for potential new members. By determining a set target audience and identifying the needs of our ultimate consumer, we can create advertising campaigns that communicate Highland Springs Country Club. Our goal is to convert some of Springfield’s Elite to join Highland’s Springs Country Club and to view the country club as their top choice in clubs. Both traditional and nontraditional media will be used to achieve this objective. Social media will be used as a base for consumer and business interaction in hopes to attract new potential members and maintaining those relationships. We will produce several unique campaigns to connect with our ultimate target audience in the Springfield country club Market.
  5. 5. R E S E A R C H
  6. 6. 7 I N T R O Throughout the past 8 weeks, Ambiance has conducted wide-ranging yet concise research in order to reveal the way our target market perceives and, distinguishes “The ultimate Country Club experience”. The following research methods establish our conceptions of our perceived demographic allowing us to plan and execute our campaign solutions. Our research started by trying to learn as much as we could about Highland Springs Country Club. By speaking with Mark and Jessica and also visiting Highland Springs to assess the club itself we were able to get a better representation of where to begin with our research.
  7. 7. 88 “Family Man” Richard Clarke is a 45 year old man who is a successful pediatrician. Richard is married and has 2 children both of which are currently attending high school at Summit Preparatory school. In the little free time Rich has, he enjoys being active by going to cross fit with friends, hiking with the family, and swimming at their family pool on the weekends. He enjoys going to the country club in order to network and gain new possible clients. He lives in a household where his annual income is $150,000 which gives him the financial leeway he needs to have a membership where he can be social as well as network at the same time with other families. Rich also enjoys spending time with his children and wife, and planning vacations. “Single and Successful” Susan Katz is a 53 year old successful art director. Due to the fact that Susan is not married with no kids, she has a lot of free time outside of her job. Susan likes to attending painting classes to further her creativity and is into trying unique eateries in Springfield, MO. Susan lives a comfortable lifestyle with annual salary of $80,000. Susan is very cultured and enjoys traveling to other countries in the summer. With Susans discretionary income she likes to donate to local animal shelters and medical research. S I T U A T I O N A L A N A L Y S I S C U R R E N T T A R G E T M A R K E T
  8. 8. 9 “Young Executive” 27 year old Liam Fitz is a loan consultant and makes around $80,000 annually. Liam is not married and is happy living his young active lifestyle, which includes going out and socializing at local bars and going to indie concerts. Liam is an adrenaline junkie and enjoys traveling and trying new things. Liam is extremely successful at his work and enjoys networking when he can. Liam has a girlfriend and is looking to settle down in the future and get married. Liam’s family were country club members and he has several memories growing up there in the summer. “Soccer Mom” Daisy Hall is a 31 year old, married woman with a two year old daughter and a son on the way! She is currently a registered nurse, with an annual income of around $50,000 a year. Her husband also has a well paying job, working as a lawyer. Together, they are financially stable and can pay for the activities that they enjoy. Daisy takes pride in staying physically active by taking her daughter on walks and spending afternoons at the park. Everything Daisy does revolves around her growing family and her concern to provide for them. S I T U A T I O N A L A N A L Y S I S N E W T A R G E T M A R K E T
  9. 9. 10 B R A N D P O S I T I O N Highland Springs is a respectable country club in the 417 area, proudly recognized as the country club John Q Hammons established and known as one of the highest qualified golf courses in the area. Our Brand Position is to target primarily the 64804 and 65809 regions, more specifically influencing a younger generation of young professionals and beginning families to have awareness and ultimately a membership to the club. Instead of continuing the traditional position on golf networking, our position is to bring in those young professionals and families by focusing on the social and family oriented opportunities Highland Springs can provide. Highland Springs should be viewed as the elite club for our redirected target market, that are looking to enhance social and recreational activities. Statement: Provide affordable indulgence and exceptional service to the Springfield elite; enhance the reality of social opportunities, through family oriented recreational facilities.
  10. 10. 11 S W O T • Amenities and services; large aquatic area, highly ranked golf course, tennis, newly renovated bar, banquet facility, fine and casual dining • Exceptional customer service • Cheaper food minimum for our members • Offer wider range of memberships • Pool Stays open the latest in the season of all country clubs •Offerguestclubexperience through current members to gain potential memberships • Market outside of club walls and expand amenities (i.e. Spa, Fitness Center) • Social network for young professionals • More affordable for families and new members • Cost of memberships for our new, untapped target market • Restrictive operating hours •Youngprofessionalsdon’tviewHighlandSprings as a perspective as a benefit, financially, socially, or professionally • Families don’t think they have the time to spend at the club • Lacking in new membership • Weak member retention • Lack of community awareness • Unorganized & inconsistent E-marketing S W O T
  11. 11. 12 C O M P E T I T I V E A N A L Y S I S After researching and understanding, Highland Springs’ current target market as well as their competitors, we have gained a better understanding on where our advantages and disadvantages lie. Our primary competitor is Hickory Hills, which thrives on its traditional methods and longstanding members. They are also known for posting regional and statewide tournaments each year. Twin Oaks stands as Highland’s secondary competitor due to its appealing renovations and the club’s famous member(s). The club is also remembered for their crab salads and the staff’s abilities to recall members’ names and preferences. After understanding the advantages and appealing qualities of Highland Springs’ competitors, we can form a strategic plan to gain a stronger advantage. Hickory Hills may be a strong competitor, but they lack an innovative sense of business that could help Highland gain younger, potentially longstanding members. Now that we know of Hickory Hills’ older members, Highland needs to offer something in their program that would influence their older members to keep their memberships active for a longer period of time. This could also prove as an benefit for gaining a market of young professional members.
  12. 12. 13 F O C U S G R O U P P A R T I C I P A N T S Young & Engaged: As a young engaged couple, they enjoy being social in their free time. They are foodies and regularly are trying new eateries in Springfield, MO. Staying active in their community and with friends is important to them. Young Married Couples: The young married couples spend their time with their family and staying involved with theirlocalfriendsandcommunity.Having a club that can provide a place for their children to relax and be safe is of high importance to them. They also would take advantage of opportunities to network at the country club. Young & Single: The younger singles do not yet have children and are currently trying to establish themselves financially.They are interested in social events and activities, including eating at restaurants, bar hopping, and attending house parties. Older & Married: As a older-aged married couple, they enjoy traveling, socializing, and being highly involved in their community.
  13. 13. 14 F O C U S G R O U P F I N D I N G S What are the perceptions of country clubs in general? • When we asked our focus group participants to use one word to explain what they first thought of when they heard ‘country club’ a lot of people said cost, social, tennis and wine. Some participants were able to explain past memories of being at country clubs which were all very positive and helped show that being a part of a country club is a special thing. If you are a part of a country club, what is most appealing to you? • One of our participants said that she enjoyed being a part of the Highland Springs country club because the club provided a safe and fun environment for her family.. Another participant chimed in and mentioned that he felt country clubs were kind of a ‘family’ thing and that every family had their own spot where they tend to sit. Country clubs seem like something special, and have an ‘I have made it’ feeling attached, mentioned one participant who was not part of a country club. If you could create your own country club, what amenities would you have? • Some of the female participants mentioned that a spa or a place where you could get your nails done would make a great amenity. Having activities for children is also important for prospective members. A couple of the participants felt as though the food that is served at the country club seems like your typical catered food, to them it does not feel like an upscale meal, while other participants felt as though the Sunday brunch is quite
  14. 14. 15 F O C U S G R O U P F I N D I N G S ( c o n t d . ) nice and you do not feel rushed. Another participant mentioned that when she thinks about going out to a nice dinner, or having a date night with her husband she does not think of going to the country club. Participants also felt like having scotch/ wine tastings would be a great addition to a country club, as well as possible cooking classes. What are some drawbacks of country clubs? • Oneoftheparticipantswhoisamemberofacountryclub mentionedthatshedoesnotnecessarilyliketoinviteout other members of the country club because there is always an awkward pause when it comes down to who will pay for the food and drinks. She does not necessarily want to pay for who she invites, but she still feels obligated if she does. The same participant also mentioned that during the winter you cannot justify having a membership because there are not any outdoor activities taking place. On the other hand, another participant who also belongs to a country club believes that the most fun times he has had were when his other friendsbelongedaswell,butdidmentionadrawbackbeingthatthecountry club only sees events as a way to make a profit. Another participant felt thatthefeeswerenotworththeprice.Hewouldhaverathergoneout toabardowntownortoarestaurantheenjoys.Thesocialareaisn’t there,itiselsewherementioned anotherparticipant.
  15. 15. 16 We conducted a survey of 86 participants in which 75.61% were in our perspective target market. Our survey confirmed that over 57% of our participants do not have a country club membership due to financial reasoning but would consider joining. S U R V E Y Based on amenity offerings. We also found that when ranking the importance of amenities “ The Pool “ actually ranked highest followed by “Dining/Bar” and the potential fitness center.
  16. 16. 17 S U R V E Y ( c o n t d . ) 50% of our survey participants would be willing to spend $20-35 on event tickets in which 49.40% would prefer casual events. What we learned: Throughour10-questionsurveywewereabletogainabetterunderstanding of our target market, and what is important to them. By combing theresultsofoursurvey,notesfromthefocusgroup,andour secondary research, we were able to plan a formal kickoff event. The formal event will balance the more casual events preferred by oursurveytakerswithoutlosing anyvalueofHighland’s currentposition.
  17. 17. 18 S E C O N D A R Y R E S E A R C H When researching other country clubs in the Springfield areas, we found that there are a large variety of membership opportunities across different country clubs. These memberships generally offer a wide range of amenities and pricing for different levels of membership. For example, Twin Oaks regular membership is a $10,000 initial fee with monthly dues of $370. They also provide options for social, junior, and company memberships. Aside from memberships the clubs also all have a ballroom and a restaurant. Highlands’ ballroom ranks above other clubs and hold up to 300 guests whereas the ballroom or their primary competitor only has a maximum capacity of 250 guests. The restaurants from each club differ slightly. However, Twin Oaks requires a $45 minimum on food, as opposed to Highlands’ $40 minimum. In each of these categories Highland Springs ranks higher than their local competitor’s except member retention. With that in mind, we can assume that there is also room for the club to make improvements to ensure that they continue on their way to becoming the best country club in Springfield.
  18. 18. C R E A T I V E B R I E F
  19. 19. 20 E V E N T : G A L A & G O L F The kick-off event will take place at the beginning of the season, on the last weekend of March. The event will be used to celebrate the clubhouse’s 25 Anniversary and to welcome potential new club members to indulge in a weekend at the clubhouse with one of their friends. Each member will be welcome to invite either an individual friend or a friend and their spouse. Friday night a formal cocktail party will take place. A local health related non for profit will be focused on that night with a percent of the ticket sales going towards the company. This will also help to bring in locals that either work in healthcare or are passionate about giving back to an organization. As the couples are welcomed into theclubtheywillreceiveacomplementaryglassofchampagne.Throughout thenighttherewillbeanopenbar,accompaniedbyh’orderves.There will be a live band throughout the night and members and non members will be welcome to tour and socialize in different rooms of the club. The following day, a golf tournament/Spa Day will take place. It will be sponsored by the local Empire Bank. For their sponsorship the club will provide them with free publicity and advertisement. Men will be welcomed to create a team. Mother’s beer will be set up at hole 4 and 16 where the men will be able to have complimentary beer tasting. (contd. on next page)
  20. 20. 21 E V E N T : G A L A & G O L F ( c o n t d . ) For the women a spa day will be provided where they can come get a massage, facial, pedicure, or manicure. Pricing sheets will be provided and they will be able to pick which service they would like to have. Later that afternoon there will be a twisted painting where anartistwillprovidepaintingsuppliesandbeteachinghowtopaintacouple different style paintings. Select alcohol will be provided throughout the day. The restaurant will be open for women to either order asnackorgoinandeataformalmeal.Childrenwillbe welcomeforafunafternoonplannedofactivities. There will be build your own pizza, a sundae bar, crafts, and movies. Girlsarealsowelcometothe spa and painting with theirmother.
  21. 21. 22 In addition to the Kick-off and various casual events that we have previously mentioned, we propose that the club host a family friendly Christmas party and a themed New Years party in order to heighten activity and participation in the slower winter months. E V E N T : C H R I S T M A S / N E W S Y E A R S P A R T I E S P U B L I C R E L A T I O N S S T A N D P O I N T From a public relations standpoint, these events would be beneficial in that they would provide the club with opportunities to present recent accomplishments, inform members and guests of upcoming events, and propose ideas for future endeavors.
  22. 22. 23 P R I N T : E V E N T I N V I T A T I O N A printed invitation for the “Gala & Golf” event will be mailed to every Highland Springs member around mid-February to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of time to prepare and arrange their plans around the event. This invitation is important because it encourages members to be excited about the upcoming season and gives them a reminder piece of something to look forward to. As mentioned before, each member will be welcome to invite either one individual friend or a friend and their spouse. These guests must arrive with their member contact, at which point the invitation will be presented.
  23. 23. 24 P R I N T : B R O C H U R E These brochures will be on display at our local Empire Bank to market the club’s opportunities, while increasing the probability of gaining sponsorship for future Highland Springs events. Pairing with Empire Bank will help to creative a positive image of Highland Springs to the bank’s employees and associates. Building this relationship, will ensure the chance for future memberships and business transactions with the club.
  24. 24. 25 P R I N T : V O U C H E R An incentives program will be used at Highland Springs to generate new customers. Each member will be granted one golf foursome voucher per season to give away to a friend, which can be used at their discretion (but it must be used for that current season, otherwise it expires). This will not count against the amount they are allowed throughout the season, if they decide to use it. As noted previously, Highland Springs has done very little advertising. Establishing a customer incentives program will keep marketing and advertising costs low and leave an open budget for other areas of marketing. This is a quick way to generate more potential new members. The voucher will be available at the club for members to pick up.
  25. 25. 26 R A D I O : C O M M E R C I A L Radio ads will become an important technique in Highland Springs advertising campaign. 80% of adults listen to the radio in their car and 25% of adults listen to the radio at work. For a local business like Highland Springs, it will be moreeffectiveandaffordableforthemtouseradioads.98.7thejockand 105.9 KGBX will be playing our radio ads. 98.7 the Jock is already used as a medium for advertisement when Jessica, Highland Springs representative, is featured on the show. By utilizing the Jock as marketing for Highland Springs will receive high frequency advertising. The Jock will play 7 AM till 10 PM Monday through Friday for the month of March. 105.9 KGBX is featured as a top ten station of the Ozarks and may have slightly different listeners due to the content, allowing Highland Springs to reach a largerportionoftheirtargetmarket. The KGBX advertisement will runMondaythroughFriday 7 AM till 10 PM for the monthofMarch. • Length: 30 seconds • Target demographic: Young Professionals ranging from ages 25-35 • Character / Narrator: Announcer • Gender: Male • Vocal direction: Smooth, energized • Suggested music: Upbeat, rhythmic, modern Script: “Live your dream with Highland Springs Country Club, Celebrating 25 years of premier service, affordable indulgence, and the ultimate country club experience. Here’sto25more!!!!”
  26. 26. 27 O N L I N E : S O C I A L M E D I A As a local business, social media will be implemented to reach out to current and potential new members of Highland Spring’s Country Club. With this it will be easy to spread news about current events and specials the club might have going on. It will also be an easy way for the club to remind members and non members to view the news letter by sharing it monthly. The goal is to increase member response and aid in information for potential new members. Social media will be updated twice a week where content will be interchanged between events, club pricing, and any other incentives Highland Springs might want to highlight on.
  27. 27. 28 Highland springs is already using Facebook as a medium to keep their existing members informed of current events. We plan to spotlight new members, create short posts, or attach short articles as updates; it will be best to avoid long statuses/posts to increase the possibility that viewers will actually absorb the content and process it. Aside from Highland Springs Facebook page, part of the media budget will go towards a Facebook ad that will advertise for one week each month. By adding this media to Facebook Highland will be able to create more business awareness along with brand frequency. O N L I N E : S O C I A L M E D I A F A C E B O O K
  28. 28. 29 LinkedIn was chosen as a beneficial medium to reach out to our target market, prospective young professionals. Young professionals use this network to expand their knowledge on companies and organizations within their aspired field. It would be beneficial to post updates and articles directly related to Highland Springs, which will be feed through to these young professionals with parallel connections and interests. All of these advertisements will be designed in house to reduce the costs. O N L I N E : S O C I A L M E D I A L I N K E D I N
  29. 29. 30 Cumulative newsletters will be sent out the first Monday of every month, after being approved by a manager. Each department will provide updates or information that they wish to be included in the monthly newsletter. This will cut down on the amount of e-blasts sent out that are bogging down members mailboxes. With the smaller amount of emails being received the members are more like to thoroughly read and retain the information presented. O N L I N E : E - M A R K E T I N G N E W S L E T T E R
  30. 30. C R E A T I V E M E D I U M
  31. 31. 32 P R I N T : E V E N T I N V I T A T I O N high landsprings country club 27 & 28 black and white gala event friday 7pm. youhavebeencordiallyinvitedto' highlandspringsgolf galaweekend. golf tournament saturday tee time 9am. $150 entry fee. portion of proceeds dontated to ronald mcdonald house. one guest welcome, please rsvp. jessica gilmore- 417.886.0408
  32. 32. 33 P R I N T : B R O C H U R E
  33. 33. 34 P R I N T : V O U C H E R I N C E N T I V E S P R O G R A M Can only be used in the current season Highland Springs Golf Voucher live your dream.
  34. 34. 35 O N L I N E : F A C E B O O K & L I N K E D I N A D S have you finished your winter shopping? =-Highland Springs no matter the weather, friends golf together. -Highland Springs have you finished your winter shopping? =-Highland Springs no matter the weather, friends golf together. -Highland Springs Liveyourdream. -Highland Springs hang in there, we will see you next summer. -Highland Springs live your dream. -Highland Springs
  35. 35. 36 O N L I N E : E - M A R K E T I N G
  36. 36. M E D I A P L A N
  37. 37. 38 E V E N T : G O L F & G A L A B U D G E T Item Total Money Spent Food $2,000 Champagne (34 Bottles) $500 Awards and Events $1,000 Spa Set Up Fees $400 Kids Activities/Food $200 Band (Members Only) $800 Total $4,900
  38. 38. 39 RAD IO AND ONLINE ADVERTISING BUDGET Medium Total Money Spent Radio: KGBX $700 Radio: 98.7 The Jock $700 Facebook (1 week/month) $480 LinkedIn (1 week/month $2,520 Total $4,400
  39. 39. 40 P R I N T A D V E R T I S I N G B U D G E T Item Total Money Spent Brochure (x2000) $200 Invitation Invites (x200) $130 Stamps (x200) $98 Total $428
  40. 40. 41 T O T A L B U D G E T Advertising Methods Total Money Spent Event $4,900 Radio & Online $4,400 Print $428 Total $9,728
  41. 41. 42 O V E R A L L M E D I A S C H E D U L E
  42. 42. 43 P L A N A N A L Y S I S Throughout our campaign, we intend to engage in regular evaluations of our advertising methods in order to ensure that our results are parallel with our intended objectives. We will measure our success by staying disciplined as to track the results of our media plan and the feedback we will receive at the club. This includes: 1) Checking traffic volume (a metric for search engine optimization success) and comparing pages of similar content together; this means paying attention to the number of viewers that visit each of our media sites and how much time they spend on each page. 2) Record keeping of tours given, new memberships signed, and membership retention rates in comparison to previous years’ statistics. 3) Recording feedback the club receives from incentive programs and relator partnerships 4) Measuring social media feedback through likes, comments, and the response After the evaluation of the campaign, Ambience is confident that Highland Springs will have found success through a growth in membership at their business.
  43. 43. 44 C O N C L U S I O N In order to retain loyalty and establish a connection with the new consumer, Highland Springs Country Club must create more casual and family oriented events and advertisements that appeal to the perspective target market Our campaign will enable the club to offer “the ultimate club experience “ to its members by proposing more beneficially focused events. We will reach our target market through e-marketing, a series of Facebook and LinkedIn Ads as well as a Radio ad. We believe our plan employs the right tools and approach to appeal to potential new members and help build lasting relationships by emphasizing all that Highland Springs has to offer.
  44. 44. 45 S O U R C E S & R E F E R E N C E S (2010). (S. Sellmeyer., Producer) Retrieved Feb 2105, from Twin Oaks Country Club: (2012). (J. C. Management, Producer) Retrieved Frb 2015, from Hickory Hills Country Club: https://www. (2014). (Hospitify, Producer) Retrieved Feb 2015, from Millwood : (2015, Feb). (J. C. Management, Producer) Retrieved Feb 2015, from Highland Springs Country Club: Highland Survey . (2015, Feb 15). (K. McGautha, Producer) Retrieved Feb 25, 2015, from Survey Monkey:
  45. 45. T H A N K Y O U

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