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What a loverly bunch of Coconuts - oil that is!

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Did you know that according to Dustin Hoffman, the two basic items necessary to sustain like are sunshine and coconut milk?

While I cant argue with such thinking, I will say that coconuts, coconut mile and especially coconunt oil has become one of the most trendy topics in 2015.

I personally use coconuts in various recipes and indeed I have used coconut oil for other purposes other than for cooking with and I have to say I am impressed with the various ways one can use coconut oil, and I have to tell you the ideas ( such as using as a skin softner and helping with scars have been working very well for me)

Let me know how it works for you?


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What a loverly bunch of Coconuts - oil that is!

  1. 1. ~ Facts ~ Trivia ~ Uses Coconuts
  2. 2. Coconuts, specifically coconut oil has been gaining popularity over the years as we start paying more attention to our diets, our health and our lifestyles.
  3. 3. “Where did the coconut originate?”
  4. 4. It is thought to have come from the western Pacific and spread by human activity and ocean currents to all over the tropics. However, no one knows for sure how this species moved from place to place.
  5. 5. Over time this plant proliferated, spread some more and eventually became domesticated. It’s now an essential resource for: food shelter tools fuel
  6. 6. Coconuts are still an integral part of daily life for people living in southern India, southern Asia and some areas of the Pacific Islands.
  7. 7. Question…... Is a Coconut a fruit, a seed or a nut?
  8. 8. ANSWER A coconut is actually considered a drupe, which the Library of Congress defines as “a fruit with a hard stony covering enclosing the seed.” That said, what you see in the store is not the full coconut — it’s actually the seed, and the fruit, which is why you can consider a coconut to be both! When coconuts grow on the tree, they’re not the round, brown bowling balls that most of us picture. They actually grow in hard, green, oblong husks that encase the brown shell that covers the delicious fruity “meat” inside. source: North Atlantic Books
  9. 9. Before getting into the many uses for coconut oil, here are some facts and trivia about coconuts
  10. 10. Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year - 10 times the number of people killed by sharks. image source: Diving into the Gene Pool
  11. 11. Craftsmen in the small Micronesian archipelago of Kiribati created coconut armor. The suit was made out of densely woven coconut fiber matting. . It probably felt like wearing a very thick carpet.
  12. 12. During World War 1 the concept of large-scale gas warfare began which made gas masks a necessity. Gas mask manufacturers in the US developed the use of steam- activated coconut char—obtained by burning coconut husks—as an important component in gas mask production. They found that these masks were superior at filtering noxious substances. image source: Legion Magazine
  13. 13. Coconuts are more than popular than for health, they have also inspired music. Take "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson. While it may be a bit a nonsense song, it is a charming song none the less.
  14. 14. Awesome Uses For Coconut Oil
  15. 15. Wood Polish: Most wood polish coats surfaces in a slick layer of synthetic chemicals, which makes the wood look all sleek and shiny…for a little bit. Coconut oil, on the other hand, sinks into the wood and keeps it looking “healthy” longer. The appearance is much more natural, and it stays that way.
  16. 16. At-home face mask. Are you wanting a better complexion? Use Coconut oil and honey. Mix the two for a hydrating, antibacterial face mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then rinse.
  17. 17. Home Made Bug Spray: Combine a half cup of coconut oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle. Close the lid, shake the bottle and then spray this natural formula directly onto skin to keep pesky bugs at bay.
  18. 18. Taking care of your make-up brushes - knowing how important it is to keep your make up brushes clean and bacteria free, mix antibacterial dish soap with coconut oil and give your brushes a good cleaning. The coconut oil will also condition the bristles.
  19. 19. Cutting Board Conditioner : An awesome way to keep your cutting board conditioned. Wipe down the cutting board with a damp towel and then dry it. Use a soft cloth to rub in some coconut oil, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Buff with a fresh cloth. If you want to make the cutting board even more odor freeF add a few drops of lemon essential oil or just a small squirt of lemon juice.
  20. 20. Get rid of those dark circles! Use coconut oil to help get rid of those dark circles that make you look so exhausted. Every night, rub a little bit of coconut oil under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark bags in the morning.
  21. 21. Soothing skin conditions:As Coconut oil has the properties of being antimicrobial, anit-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as being a great moisturizer, coconut oil has been shown to help sooth psoriasis or eczema as well as helping to control blemishes.
  22. 22. Homemade Toothpaste with Coconut Oil 6 tbsp coconut oil 6 tbsp baking soda 25 drops essential oil (whatever you prefer— I’ve used eucalyptus and grapefruit) 1 tsp stevia (or more if you like it sweeter) directions 1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Whip it really well and give it a light creamy texture. 2. Pour into a mason jar and seal it up until ready to use. recipe source Family Sponge
  23. 23. Can Coconut do anything else?
  24. 24. Other uses of Coconut oil ~ Soothes bee stings ~ Improve scalp health ( massage oil on scalp before shampooing ~ Enhance eyelashes. Just apply some oil to a cotton swab and wpred onto your lashes before going to bed. ~ Use instead of shaving cream ~ use coconut oil on toast instead of butter ~season your cast iron cookware ~add it to tea or coffee ~ make your own nut butter. process your favorite nuts ( I love cashew) and add in a small amount of coconut oil. Talk about healthy and organic!
  25. 25. RECIPES
  26. 26. Of Course you can't talk about coconuts without mentioning how good it is in cooking, so on the following slides are a few recipes using the awesome Coconut. Don’t forget that you can use coconut oil in place of other oils when you are cooking ( just a little hint)
  27. 27. Easy Thai Coconut Rice 2 cups Thai jasmine-scented white rice 2 cups good-quality coconut milk 1 3/4 cups water 2 heaping Tbsp. dry shredded unsweetened coconut (baking type) 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. coconut oil, OR vegetable oil Optional: 1-2 Tbsp. toasted coconut for garnish (see instructions below recipe) Directions 1. Rub oil over the bottom of a deep-sided pot. You will also need a tight-fitting lid. 2. Place rice, coconut milk, water, shredded coconut, and salt in the pot and set over medium-high to high heat. Stir occasionally to keep rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning. 3. Once the coconut-water has begun to gently bubble, stop stirring and reduce heat to low (just above minimum). Cover tightly with a lid and let simmer 15-20 minutes, or until most of the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. To check, pull rice aside with a fork. If most of the coconut milk-water is gone, go on to the next step. 4. Replace the lid and turn off the heat, but leave the covered pot on the burner to steam another 5-10 minutes, or until you're ready to eat. Tip: Your Coconut Rice will stay warm this way for up to 1 hour or more, great for when you're expecting company! recipe source: about food
  28. 28. Peaches and Cream Dairy Free Smoothie Servings: 1 Preparation Time: Under 10 minutes 1 whole peach, large 1 cup coconut milk* or other dairy free milk 1/4 cup frozen fruit of your choice 1 tablespoon coconut cream concentrate 2 tablespoons fresh ground nuts 1 tablespoon dried coconut flakes 1 tablespoon honey 4 ice cubes Wash and peel peach, cut into quarters. Place peach and all remaining ingredients into blender and puree until smooth. Enjoy! recipe source Coconut Recipes
  29. 29. Coconut Yogurt Pops INGREDIENTS 3 cups nonfat vanilla yogurt (not Greek) 1 cup sweetened coconut flakes 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract PREPARATION Combine yogurt, coconut flakes and coconut extract in a medium bowl. Divide among ten 3-ounce (or similar-size) freezer-pop molds. Insert sticks and freeze until solid, at least 6 hours. Dip the molds briefly in hot water before unmolding. TIPS & NOTES Make Ahead Tip: Freeze for up to 3 weeks. Recipe Source Eating Well
  30. 30. Chewy Coconut Macaroons Recipe Ingredients 2-1/2 cups flaked coconut 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 can (14 ounces) fat-free sweetened condensed milk 1-1/2 teaspoons almond extract Directions In a bowl, toss the coconut, flour and salt. Stir in milk and extract until blended (mixture will be thick and sticky). Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls 3 in. apart on lightly greased baking sheets. Bake at 300° for 18-22 minutes or just until golden brown. Cool for 2 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks. Yield: 32 cookies. Recipe source: Taste of Home
  31. 31. Dump Cake V 1 (21 ounce) can cherry pie filling 1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained 1 (18.25 ounce) package yellow cake mix 1 cup margarine, melted 1 cup flaked coconut 1/2 cup chopped walnuts Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F 1. (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x13 inch baking dish. 2. In the prepared dish, layer the cherry pie filling and the drained pineapple. Sprinkle the dry cake mix over the top, covering evenly. Pour the melted margarine over the cake mix, and sprinkle the top with the coconut and chopped walnuts. 3. Bake 50 to 60 minutes in the preheated oven, until browned and bubbly. Tip Aluminum foil can be used to keep food moist, cook it evenly, and make clean-up easier.
  32. 32. As you can see coconut oil not only has many uses, but it's also very good for you. I hope this presentation will get you wanting to know more about coconut oil and its many uses as well as having fun cooking using recipes for coconut and coconut oil. Enjoy! Diane Bjorling 2015
  33. 33. The The End