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Podcasting In Education

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Podcasting In Education

  1. 1. Podcasting in Education How Podcasting has Changed How We Learn
  2. 2. Menu 1. Title Page 2. Menu 3. Introduction 4. Education on the Run 5. Education on the Run: Continued 6. Education on the Run: Reflection 7. Podcast Statistics 8. How to Use Podcasts inYour Favor 9. How to Use Podcasts inYour Favor: Continued 10. How to Use Podcasts inYour Favor: Reflection 11. Podcast Evolves IntoTeachingTool 12. Podcast Evolves IntoTeachingTool: Continued 13. Podcast Evolves IntoTeachingTool: Reflection 14. Conclussion 15. Cites
  3. 3. Introduction As technology begins to change, teachers and schools have had to adjust. One way that teachers and students have adjusted to this changing technology is through Podcasting. Teachers and schools have created podcasts that you can get from itunes for free in which you can put on your ipod and listen to anytime, anywhere. Now if you miss a class or you don’t get the information the first time, you can then go listen to the podcast and catch up on what you missed.
  4. 4. Education on the Run: The Launch of iTunes U fuels the Expanding Use of Podcasts at Colleges Across the Country. By: Paul Bradley  We have all seen the students walking around with earphones stuck in their ears.  With the launch of iTunes U, many colleges and universities have started to upload lectures into podcasts.  By uploading these lectures in the form of podcasts students can listen to lectures from their teachers anywhere, at anytime.  Education on the Run
  5. 5. Education on the Run: Continued  Just as the iPod has changed the world of listening to music, iTunes U is changing the way the world is learning in schools.  If education does not come along with technology then, education will have a reverse affect on the youth.  By making lectures easy to take with you on the go, students are becoming more likely to listen to the lectures more than once.
  6. 6. Education on the Run: Reflection  From reading this article I could completely understand where the author was coming from. I have a history teacher who uses iTunes U and I have many of his lectures on my computer andi my iPod. I find myself listening to these lectures multiple times in my car, walking to class, or at home. It is a great technology that helps me in Education.
  7. 7. j Podcast Statistics Top : t_chart.png Left:
  8. 8. How to Use Podcasts in Your Favor By: Shirley Grace Podcasting or broadcasting multimedia clips for viewers to download and listen to are becoming more widely used.  One of the best aspects about podcasting is that it is a free service that you can use.  If you have clients or students that are studying or learning about a specific topic you can create a podcast specifically for that subject  How to use Podcast in your Favor
  9. 9. How to Use Podcasts in Your Favor: Continued  By knowing and understanding what your students will be studying you can anticipate what their questions will be and you can include them into your podcast.  You can also use podcasts in power point presentations you present your class. By doing this when you are presenting the power point you can have audio clips for them to listen to through your podcast.
  10. 10. How to Use Podcasts in Your favor: ReflectionPodcasts are a great way to become more efficient in what you do. Whether you are a teacher trying to get through to your kids or a Physician trying to help a client understand a problem they have. Podcast are an easy way to help you get your point across. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular everyday. By understanding the material you are going to cover you can anticipate what you will need to put in the podcast. Whether it is information for your student on how to do a project or a physician clearing up a disease for a patient. Podcasts not only make learning more efficient, but can also make you look more professional. Benefits of Podcasts
  11. 11. Podcast Evolves Into Teaching Tool By: Hannah Sampson  iPod’s are becoming more widely accepted on high school and college campuses due to the use of Podcasts by many teachers.  Podcasts can have audio, video, graphics or a combination of a few of them.  By using podcasts in the classroom teachers can show their students that they can do the “cool” stuff that their students do as well as teach them what they need to be taught.  Podcast Evolves IntoTeaching Tool
  12. 12. Podcast Evolves Into Teaching Tool: Continued  Students can use these podcasts to help them study at home, on the go on their iPods, or use them for a study review before an exam.  If students miss a class at school, they can still go download the podcast and here the lecture and not completely miss out on class.  Schools are even using podcasts to send out school news and events to the students in the schools.  Some teachers are even awarded grants from corporations like Best Buy for starting Podcasting in there schools.
  13. 13. Podcast Evolves Into Teaching Tool: Reflection  High Schools and college campuses are beginning to welcome iPods with more open arms now do to the use of podcasting. As teachers begin to use podcasts as a teaching tool, more students are using this study tool. Podcasts are a good way to get through to the younger generation of students, showing them that I can do that cool stuff that you like to do while teaching you the material you need to learn. Being lucky enough to have a teacher here at IUPUI that uses podcasting regularly I can see the full benefits of using podcasts and iPods as a teaching tool for class. I, myself have almost 20 podcasts on my iPod and use them regularly. Podcasts have evolved into teaching tools in this new age of education.
  14. 14. Conclussion  As technology begins to change, education has to continue to change. One of the biggest ways technology is beginning to change is through the use of Podcasts. Podcasting is a free way to record audio, video, graphics or a combination of the three and put them on the internet for people to download to their computers or iPods. Teachers all across the country have begun to use this new technology. Teachers can use it to record their lectures for students who missed class, use it for another tool to learn from, use as a study review, and many other ways. As the times change in technology, education has to keep up, and podcasting is a good way to stay connected with the students in this new technological education system.
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