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Recruiting young association members

  1. with Robert W. Wendover
  2. Today’s Member and Tomorrow’s Member Ralph Josh 58 years old 28 years old Been with the association for 27 years Josh’s boss has suggested he join the association what seems like 27 times Has served as membership chair, program Serves as a big brother, volunteers with chair, treasurer, secretary, vice president Green Peace, guides weekend hikes for a and president . . . twice. mountain club, tweeted for Obama in 2008 Counts his association friends among Has 3245 Facebook friends his closest. Calls the association exec when he’s Texts his 3245 Facebook friends looking for resources or connections Has always enjoyed the monthly steak Is a vegetarian dinners and stories Remembers the good old days Is sick of hearing about the good old days Wonders about the association’s future Hasn’t crossed his mind
  3. Digital Digital Immigrant Native
  4. Tomorrow’s Member Expectations • Seamless online communication • Meeting registration • Dues • Scheduling • PAC donations • Purchases • Accessible content with the touch of a screen • Research • Directories • Conference recordings • Webinars • Expert forums
  5. Tomorrow’s Member Expectations • Virtual meetings • Digital connection to other members • Negotiation • Legislative advocacy • Industry promotion • Recruitment coordination and promotion • Digital connection to suppliers • Regular updates about association accomplishments
  6. Connecting with Tomorrow’s Member • On-line portal • Opportunities for mentoring/coaching • Recruiting effort with colleges and trade schools • Peer-to-peer forums • Access to industry leaders • “Tight” but informative meetings • Board member blog • “Execu-tweets”
  7. Competing for Share of Mind • Shorter communications • Increased frequency • Less text – more visuals • Lots of useful links • Invite participation and discussion • Turn it over to them • Lighten up
  8. Fostering Cross-Gen Relations • Hire a specialist • Foster young member board participation • Mentoring match-ups • Put everybody in a room • Foster cross-gen committee participation • Create digital interviews on critical issues
  9. Engaging Tomorrow’s Volunteer • Maintain a digital orientation • Be mindful of time • Sell the outcome of participation • Remind them of the benefits • Provide recognition that they value • Get age-peers to corroborate the value • Let them volunteer their way
  10. Selling Association Value To Tomorrow’s Member • On-line recruitment page • Impact of industry • Link to MCAA • Association accomplishments • List of resources included with membership • List of members (with links to their sites) • Schedule of upcoming events • Bulleted WIIFMs • Video testimonials from age peers • Video endorsements from employers • Video message from the executive • Links to the association’s social media presences
  11. Your Challenges Going Forward • How will your business model change? • How must your on-line presence change? • How can you foster volunteer participation? • How can you better sell the value of membership to tomorrow’s members? • How must your meetings change? • What is the one best thing you can do to connect with tomorrow’s members?