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CV bobby

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CV bobby

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Page 1 CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DATA Name : Bobby Permana, S. AB Gender : Male Date of Birth : March 27th, 1990 Place of Birth : Jakarta Marital Status : Single Religion : Islam Address : Komp. Deppen Jl. Lentera IV UU 17 Rt 002 Rw 017 Kel. Sukatani Kec. Tapos Kota Depok 16954 Phone : (021) 874 0308 / 0811 8827 390 Email : CAREER OBJECTIVE To use all my skills, experience, and educational background to contribute towards and develop the organization or company. PROFILE  Able to work as part of team, looking forward to develop organization.  Have high motivation and comfortable to interact with new people.  Have strong analytical skill and good communication skill.  Willing to relocate.  Willing and have strong desire to learn new knowledge and new experience.  Familiar with multi tasking activity.  Have ability to gathers information, analyze information and report results.  Computer literate.  Able communicate in English.
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Page 2 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 2008 – 2012 : Bachelor of Business Administration Science Padjadjaran University GPA : 3.10 Bandung, Indonesia 2005 – 2008 : SMA N 39 Jakarta Jakarta, Indonesia EXTRACURICULAR 2005 – 2007 : LBPP LIA Depok, Indonesia (English course) 2007 – 2008 : INTENSIF Jakarta, Indonesia (High school major course) 2008 : IEDUC Bandung, Indonesia (TOEFL and TOIEC preparation) 2010 : IEDUC Bandung, Indonesia (English for a job seeker) 2013 – 2014 : TBI Cibubur, Depok, Indonesia (Business communication class) ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCE 2010 – 2011 : General Manager of Infokom, HIMABIS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Bisnis) 2009 – 2010 : Staff of Infokom, HIMABIS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Bisnis). APPRENTICE EXPERIENCE January – February 2010 : On the Job Trainee (OJT) at ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia (APO) Lhoksukon, Indonesia. Job Description :  Making a job report.  Prepare procurement auction.  Learn about SOP in safety and health program.
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Page 3 WORK EXPERIENCE October 2013 – Present : Business Support Staff at PT. FITI Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Responsibility :  Responsible for handling day to day administrative duties, such as making documentation of quality control data and also monitoring the quality control activities. Job Description :  Attend the PP meeting to confirm the garment sample.  Manage daily, weekly and monthly performance data from daily inspection activity.  Inspect to factory for maintain and control the labor works.  Receive and submit defect data from factory and made communication with buyer and field operator about that defect problem.  Check validity of approval defect if the stuff gets approval from buyer.  Made communication with merchandising or PPIC factory about inspection project.  Made a final report from day to day data.  Input the final report into a buyer system.  Made a billing statement for buyer every month.