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WeSteal - A research on Music Piracy in India

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WeSteal - A research on Music Piracy in India

  1. 1. A Research Study into the Various Aspects, LegalPerception & Impacts of Piracy on Music Industry All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. “The instinct of the industry is always to kill innovationthat disrupts their business models or threatens the way they’re used to doing things.” - Julio Sanchez, Cato Institute
  3. 3. 95% of music downloaded online is claimed to be illegal! (*RIAA report – 2010)More than 30% of the internet traffic in US is generated by BitTorrent based applications.*98.8% of the P2P traffic is reportedly copyrighted*RIAA claims $12.5 Billion of losses in 2011. “The instinct of the industry is always to kill innovation that disrupts their business models or threatens the way they’re used to doing things.” - Julio Sanchez, Cato Institute
  4. 4. “We leaked the whole record before it came out” “We couldn’t stand people not hearing it anymore. At the end of the day, if you write agood enough record, people are going to pick itup. Steal the damn record, I don’t care. If some kid doesn’t have any money and his buddy gives him a copy of the record. . . he’ll pick it up when he’s 20.” - Green Day’s Mike Dirnt
  5. 5. Reported Downloads:9.2 Million Gross Revenue: $626,137,675* *From Leaked online 1 week before its official release Gross Revenue : $ 1,481,585,111* 192 different torrents with over 6K seeds can be found popular sites today Gross Revenue: Rs 202,57,00,000+
  6. 6. In 2009 Central Statistic Organization reported that for the FIRST time in Indian history that the average monthly income has crossed Rs 3000 ($ 60)* Price of Slumdog Millionaire’s Movie DVD : Rs 299* i.e. ~10% of the avg. monthly income
  7. 7. File-Sharers: Criminals, Civil Wrongdoers or the Saviours of the Entertainment Industry  Hertfordshire Law Journal 5(1), 2-77 ISSN 1479-4195 Online Digital music and online sharing: software piracy 2.0?  University of Connecticut, Storrs  Published : Communications of the ACMThe Effect of Internet Piracy on CD Sales: Cross- Section Evidence  Martin Peitz - University of Mannheim - Department of Economics
  8. 8. Deterring illegal downloading: the effects of threat appeals, past behavior, subjective norms, and attributions of harm  Aron M. Levin1,*, Mary Conway Dato-on1, Chris Manolis2  Journal of Consumer BehaviourVolume 6, Issue 2-3Newly Vulnerable Markets in an Age of Pure Information Products: An Analysis of Online Music and Online News  Eric K. Clemons · Bin Gu· Karl R. Lang  Journal of Management Information Systems
  9. 9. The study intends to analyze various aspects and effects of piracy on music industry and consumers. Specific ObjectivesTo study the relationship between artist’s popularity and piracyTo study sources of pirated media and consumption patternsTo study the level of legal awareness among consumersTo study rationale behind piracy
  10. 10. Popularity of artists is positively affected with piracyIncrease in piracy can be credited to : 1. Lack of legal awareness 2. Lack of availability of legal contentConsumers are opting for pirated content due to: 1. High price of legal content 2. Lack of availability of modern, popular formats and delivery medium
  11. 11. Is there a strong relation between popularity of artists and piracy of their content?Is there any major effect on revenue of music industry due to piracy?Is lack of legal awareness causing an increase in piracy?Can reducing in prices increase sales of legal content