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Newsleter third term- 2016, She/He is Equal in Europe, ERASMUS

Meeting in Bulgaria and Greece

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Newsleter third term- 2016, She/He is Equal in Europe, ERASMUS

  1. 1. June 2016 Newsletter She/He’s Equal in Europe THIRD MEETING IN BULGARIA 4-8 APRIL 25 teachers and 19 students from 8 countries / Spain, Finland, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey / were welcomed at the school "Em.Stanev" on 5.04.2016. They are participants in the training program for teachers and pupil exchange with the project 'She/he equal in Europe ", held from 4 to 8 April in Veliko Tarnovo. The program was filled with many interesting activities. Guests were welcomed with bread and salt and decorated with geraniums, then principal of the school Kina Kotlarska welcomed them. In parallel, they held two meetings: teachers and students. Veliko Tarnovo in the spring Audio - visual show "Sound and Light" Veliko Tarnovo
  2. 2. VIDEOCONFERENCES In April, May and June took place some videoconferences between partner countries in the project. Teachers and students together visited the ethnographic com- plex Etara and Bozhentsi, as well as the architectural reserve "Arbanassi", where they learned about "Female and male spac- es in Bulgarian traditions," tried national Bulgarian dishes and were astonished by the mastery of Bulgarian dancers and mu- sicians of Folklore ensemble "Sider voivoda" and held their breath at the incredible view of Tsarevets hill, revealed by the audio - visual show "Sound and Light". Teachers listened with inter- est lectures about "Female ca- reers in male professions" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevena Atanasova, a lieutenant colo- nel in the Military University and representative of the Commit- tee of Women in NATO, and "The Woman in family rela- tions in the Middle Ages - east, west" of professor Nadia Hristova from the University "Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius". Teachers from all countries presented an analysis of educational programs related to the topic of gender equality, they stud- ied the most common female names in each country and presented a study entitled "Who does the housework at home?". In parallel, visiting children aged 12-15 years were met and acquainted with their Bulgarian peers VI a class, sang songs for the mother and the woman, learned together Thracian straight horo, they got acquainted with the historical and architectural landmarks in Veliko Tarnovo through interesting team work "rally" in the old town, rode race horses at riding school "Kaloyan". Students said that this was the most interesting visit for them until now. 2
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  5. 5. First day, visit to the school “Constantino Zappas”, welcome ceremony with the participation of kindergarden and high school. Song and dances by pupils and teachers. Visiting the school, Erasmus corner and activities exposition. Visiting the classrooms and meeting with pupils for sharing cards and presents. EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT Taking into account the time line that was included in the application form, the partners have checked activi- ties that have been carried out, that are in progress and that will be developed in the next year. Partners analyse dificulties about the implimentation of the project and make proposals of improvement. The results of the evaluation are considered positive for all the partners. Most of the preview activities for this year have been fi- nished in time but the coordinator of the Spanish team explains some of them that partners should finish during this school year. Activities that should be finished during the current aca- demic year. 1.- “Analysing equality in curriculum”: Bulgaria and Po- land should fill in the common file before publising our opinions. 2.- “Women names". Bulgaria should fill in the common file before publishing the results and comparison of files. 3.-“Who does housework”- Spain will share a document where all the partners will compare their own results in this questionnarie and will compare situation among the countries. 4.- “Equality compromise”- All the partners will send their compromises to the Spanish coordinator who will create the international compromising taking into ac- count the contributions of every country. Then partners will agree in this compromiso which will be shared and signed during meeting in Finland. MEETING IN GREECE 5