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Adelaide HUG 2019 INBOUND Takeaways Presentation

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This presentation was delivered in September 2019, a month after the INBOUND 2019 conference in Boston. Brand chemistry’s Client Strategy and Delivery Lead Emma Downham delivered the presentation, discussing the key takeaways of her trip to the US.

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Adelaide HUG 2019 INBOUND Takeaways Presentation

  1. 1. September 2019 HUG Adelaide
  2. 2. Hey! I’m Emma Source: Austin Remer | Dribble
  3. 3. Practical TIPS Source: Dennis Cortés | Dribble
  4. 4. Agenda ● Ace new HubSpot platform updates (drag and drop, anyone else clapping?!?!) ● Insight into HubSpot's email marketing program ● Quick tips to improve your CTAs!
  5. 5. But Source: MacWojcik | Dribble first...
  6. 6. Hubspot platform updates
  7. 7. Drag and Drop Landing Pages Create beautiful landing pages and emails that align with your brand, and customers can’t help but click in just minutes. Choose from dozens of pre-made templates, or build your own.
  8. 8. Other updates include: ● Organic social media and paid social ad improvements ● Folders in workflows ● New contact record designs and speed improvements ● Sales hub also got some love - it now takes less clicks to close a deal or setup tasks. ● It’s also easier than ever to dedupe contacts ● Attribution reporting ● Chatbot availability
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Insight into HubSpot's email marketing program Source: Brittany Harden | Dribble
  11. 11. HubSpot attributes its email marketing success to a few key factors: ● Customer centric vs Company centric marketing ● All emails are human, helpful and friendly. ● Subject lines need to be action oriented and relevant to the content ● CTA language needs to be simple, direct and action oriented. ● When it comes to imagery, simplicity wins. ● Keep your automation to about 3 days apart ● Always send based on a contacts timezone.
  12. 12. What’s in a Call To Action (CTA)? Source: Iza S| Dribble
  13. 13. Highest click rate by type ● Buttons - susceptible to swings in performance, but the most clicked ● Text - even though they don’t perform well they’re more consistent ● Designed - Clicked less than button CTAs and banner blindness is likely contributing to this
  14. 14. Avoid them like the plague. Make them customer-focused and relevant to the buyer’s journey and use HubSpot’s SMART ability to improve CTAs throughout your site. Be careful about generic site-wide CTAs. TIP 1 Use your websites site map to map out a logical buyer’s journey and plan your CTAs out this way. Try to use buttons where you can. Add CTAs to relevant pages TIP 2 Anytime someone on the internet has to handover their email/phone number they get anxious. It’s your job to alleviate that anxiety and understand what part of the journey is causing your visitors/leads anxiety. Add context to alleviate anxiety TIP 3
  15. 15. Make sure whatever you’re asking someone to do is easy and do-able. A classic case is telling people to add to cart from email and then not having the functionality to actually do that. Big watch out! Choose your words wisely because they matter TIP 4 Being clear will always trump creativity, and creativity should be done in the context of your personas. However, creative copy that makes sense to your offering can be fun! Be clear & provide value but don't be afraid to get creative. TIP 5
  16. 16. Key Takeaways Source: Brittany Harden | Dribble
  17. 17. Questions?