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SearchLeeds 2018 - Kirsty Hulse - Manyminds - Content marketing tips that won’t break the bank

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Kirsty's SearchLeeds 2018 talk looked at how our customers, and the journalists, that we are trying to engage are expecting more and more from our content efforts. In a world of interactive graphics, quizzes and games, how can we create exciting and engaging content, that earns links and drives traffic, without a huge price tag? Kirsty's talk walked through practical and actionable steps on content marketing campaigns without the huge price tag.

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SearchLeeds 2018 - Kirsty Hulse - Manyminds - Content marketing tips that won’t break the bank

  1. 1. Content marketing tips that won’t break the bank (or your spirit) @kirsty_hulse @manym1nd5 #searchleeds
  2. 2. Let me tell you a secret...
  3. 3. 56% said links
  4. 4. Coverage Reach Engagement Traffic Conversion
  5. 5. Long term: Diversity our objectives Pimp our data Become PR and brand experts Become qualified business consultants Nail creative execution
  6. 6. Short/mid term solution: Make it easier to execute Make it easier to buy
  7. 7. Short term: Ideas, not assets, are everything Volume is imperative Create assets cheaply
  8. 8. Step 1: Ideas, not assets, are everything
  9. 9. I got bored screenshotting logos.
  10. 10. These are all brand stories
  11. 11. “Don’t create content directly about a brand, it’s seen as commercial and you won’t get links.”
  12. 12. 2018+ Don’t be afraid to know a brand and lead with it
  13. 13. Know a brand: 1. What are the 3 core objectives? 2. What is the value proposition? 3. What is the USP? 4. What is the consistent message?
  14. 14. I made a template! Email me.
  15. 15. What if my brand is just a bit shit?
  16. 16. Step 2: Volume is imperative
  17. 17. Who’s ever had a massive campaign flop?
  18. 18. “Value” questions will continue to get harder.
  19. 19. 4 monthly smaller campaigns Quarterly sexy sexy content campaign Lots of room for error and change
  20. 20. Step 3: Create content cheaply
  21. 21. @kirsty_hulse Are you a business?
  22. 22. @kirsty_hulse Congratulations! You win FREE LINKS!
  23. 23. Submit founder and entrepreneur interviews
  24. 24. Product launches Investment wins New hires New clients Regionally based
  25. 25. @kirsty_hulse You do not need to spend a lot to create engaging content
  26. 26. 20% increase in traffic 4 leads Cost $249 Required no developer time 1 day to distribute
  27. 27. Quizzes
  28. 28. $25
  29. 29. Free
  30. 30. Free
  31. 31. @kirsty_hulse Get other companies to create content for you
  32. 32. We got some architects to draw up some designs for a structurally sound, historically accurate pillow fort
  33. 33. In case you’re interested...
  34. 34. Total campaign time and cost = 2 days Lovely links
  35. 35. Link to client Link to architects we partnered with
  36. 36.
  37. 37. In summary...
  38. 38. Thank you!