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  1. 1. IVY MPA NEWSLETTER Dear Parents, Last year at Morgan Park Academy, it seemed to us that the famous “Chicago Winter” was only an exaggerated legend. This year has been a totally different story! We have been having one of the snowiest and coldest winters in recent memory. Fortunately for us at the Ivy dorm, snow means a pretty campus landscape and snowball fights, instead of snow shovels and long bus rides to school. The students have even been lucky enough to have a few days off due to the harsh, Chicago weather. Despite the frozen white landscape, winter has not been a time to hibernate for us at the Ivy dorms. In fact, this has been the most festive time of year as your sons and daughters introduced Chinese New Year to their classmates at MPA. I know you would have been very proud of the work your children did creating a Chinese New Year assembly and performing it in front of the entire Morgan Park Academy student body. A few teachers and students have told me the Chinese assembly was one of the best they’ve ever seen at MPA. Hats off to our students! Wishing you much luck and happiness in the new year! Brian Bosack 亲爱的家长们, 去年,在摩根公园学院,它似乎告诉我们,著名的“芝加哥 冬天”只是一个夸张的传说。今年已经是完全不同的故事! 我们最近的记忆中今年是芝加哥最多雪和最寒冷的冬天之一 。幸运的是,我们住在常青藤的宿舍里,雪意味着一个漂亮 的校园风景,我们可以打雪仗,而不需要铲雪和长时间乘搭 巴士上学,。学生们甚至已经足够幸运,他们有几天假期, 由于恶劣的芝加哥的天气。 尽管是冰天雪地的冬天,但是我们在常春藤宿舍一直没有时 间去冬眠。事实上,这是一年中最喜庆的时刻--因为中国春 节。你的儿子和女儿在摩根公园学院为全校的师生们介绍了 中国的过年习俗和中国春节的热闹喜庆情景 。我知道你会 一直很自豪你的孩子创造了中国春节的欢乐派对,并在整个 摩根公园学院全校师生面前有非常精彩的表现。一些教师和 学生告诉我,中国学生新年组合表演是他们所见过的摩根公 园学院最好的秀之一。为我们的学生喝彩鼓掌! 祝你在新的一年生活幸福,吉祥如意! Brian Bosack February 2014 | Volume 3 A LETTER TO THE PARENTS IMPORTANT DATES LAST DAY OF FINALS 5/30 JUNIOR/SENIOR PROM 6/4 UPPER SCHOOL GRADUATION 6/6 Wendy goes ice skating with new Ivy students Leta and Gabriella. A “warm” Chicago welcome, girls!
  2. 2. By Leta Li Chinese New Year festival is the most important festival in China. But also, it means a lot for we Chinese people who are not in our own country, but in a new environment. Take myself as an example, I came to America just a few days, I am not totally fit in the new culture, new environment. I miss my family and friends and feel guilty that I cannot spend New Year time with them. But in America, I also spent a good time with my new friends. In MPA, we held a special Chinese assembly, We showed the Chinese culture and tradition to American students. We prepared different events and traditional Chinese accessories. We felt satisfied and became closer with each other during the preparation. From the different Chinese New Year, we got many new experience. And at last, I wish everybody a good new year, a good new beginning. CHINESE CELEBRATION By Paul He So in this year, It is my first year in America and I was feeling very great in this year. This year I think is very special and we had a very fun time. This year we prepared for the Chinese New Year Assembly, Actually I think we did a good job. We are talking a lot of Chinese things. we talk about the Chinese lunar Eve dinner, Chinese food, We found a huge different between the American Chinese food and the real Chinese food. And also we singing a song together. This song is about the 12 animals in Chinese Calendar. Last but not least, we talk about the Horse year. I Hope this year everyone will getting more lucky. Rich blessings for health and longevity is my special wish for everyone in the coming year. CHINESE NEW YEAR Created by Brian Bosack Head Dorm Parent Phone: (267) 644-7915 Skype ID: brian.bosack Email: We’re on the Web! IVY – MORGAN PARK ACADEMY NEWSLETTER PAGE 2
  3. 3. Our Chinese New Year dinner at Morgan Park Academy Saturday night basketball at the school gym Paul cuts his chocolate birthday cake Playing a card game called “Uno!”