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  • This is a letter that I received from a young man who would be considered by most people as being either worthless, a lowlife, a thug, or would be written off, or as amounting to nothing in life. However, this young man has a heart of gold that he does not show to very many people, because the people that he hangs around what use it against him. I believe with the right guidance from someone like myself that understands what he is going through two to the fact that I have been in the position that he is in now prior to becoming paralyzed from the neck down, that he would turn out to be not only a college graduate, a productive citizen, but also would become a World Changer.
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  1. 1. January 14, 2015 Mr. Brian Cross Lake Mary, FL 32746 Dear Mr. Cross, This is Davion Taylor I am so proud you came in showed love to everyone and to me. I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to you and my auntie you are a real man and “MY DAWG” I understand that god has put me here for a reason to teach me a lesson I didn’t want to show any tears cause I am not the type that cries an front of anyone but, I really wanted to shake your hand and say thank you. You are a gift from God that helps people succeed in life. I hope you do better and I hope to see you in a way better life than the one I’m living right now. My mom told me to change my ways and get on my feet so I’m going to do what she said and listen to her and pray for you in god’s name Amen. Thank you Mr. Cross and I love you ill keep you in my prayers Sincerely,