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Could Iot be WebRTC's greatest source of innovation? (The IIT RTC Conference session - 2015)

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Few technologies have the potential to benefit from IoT the way WebRTC can. In many ways, these technologies are a perfect match. IoT networks built on technologies such as MQTT are a perfect signaling platform for WebRTC and are enabling new ways to connect "things" together using real-time media. In this new world almost any event can trigger the flow of media between endpoints. Whether it be a social media event triggering a broadcasted phone call or a video analytics event triggering a surveillance camera connecting to a supervisor, IoT networks are becoming the integration point for the world. This session will explore several WebRTC related IoT use cases along with open source tools that are being used in production today to integrate WebRTC with everything from analytics, to Arduino devices, to social media, and everything in between.

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Could Iot be WebRTC's greatest source of innovation? (The IIT RTC Conference session - 2015)

  1. 1. © 2015 IBM Corporation Could IoT be WebRTC's greatest source of innovation? Brian Pulito IBM WebSphere Architect email: twitter: @brianpulito linkedin: brianpulito
  2. 2. Internet Of Things Forecast 2020 View • 212 billion installed things • 30 billion autonomously connected things • Public Sector, Distribution & Services, Manufacturing & Resources, and Consumers lead segment growth rates • Approximately 3 million petabytes of embedded systems data (excludes streaming, surveillance-type data • $8.9 trillion of business value 1
  3. 3. Source: Top Ten in 2020: 1. Connected Car $600 billion 2. Clinical Remote Monitoring $350 billion 3. Assisted Living $270 billion 4. Home and Building Security $250 billion 5. Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance $245 billion 6. New Business Models for Car Usage $225 billion 7. Smart Meters $105 billion 8. Traffic Management $100 billion 9. Electric Vehicle Charging $75 billion 10. Building Automation $40 billion “The Internet of [Things] could raise the level of U.S. gross domestic product by 2%-5% by 2025. This gain… if realized, would boost the annual U.S. GDP growth rate by 0.2%-0.4% points over this period, bringing growth closer to 3% per year.” – US Progressive Policy Institute GSMA “Connected Life” forecast $4.5T in 2020 2
  4. 4. Benefits of real-time data from Internet of Things Monetize • Charge for usage that is tracked by things • Enable pay-per-use models of things Optimize • Improve efficiency of activities with data from things • Anticipate & predict optimal actions and responses Extend • Provide more value through connected things • Deliver data, content, services through things Control • Remotely affect behavior by controlling things • Make remote adjustments to optimize things 3
  5. 5. The real opportunity is improved business value – new revenue models, lower costs, improved client experiences, better insight to improve outcomes Source: IDC, “Worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) 2013–2020 Forecast: Billions of Things, Trillions of Dollars”, October 2013 4 Value is not just sheer numbers of connected devices 4
  6. 6. 5 IoT ? Is there value in combining WebRTC with IoT?
  7. 7. Why is WebRTC so disruptive? 6 x Eliminates complexity of delivering codecs and streaming protocols x Closely aligned with HTML 5, programmed via JavaScript x Support for mobile platforms and web browsers x Enables real-time data communications in addition to voice and video x Strong industry support 6  It contextualizes communications!
  8. 8. IoT is the integration point for everything, 7 IoT …and a rich source of programmatically consumable context! both physical and digital… Why is IoT so disruptive?
  9. 9. What is context relative to WebRTC? A. Data derived from interactions with a web site? B. Transactional data stored in a business system? C. Information derived from streaming analytics? D. Sensor data from an IoT device? E. All of the above? 8 Context is being combined with WebRTC to: • Provide whitelist for who should be communicating • Provide triggers to initiate real-time interactions • Provide subject matter for real-time interactions • Provide real-time feedback on what is being communicated
  10. 10. What is context relative to IoT? 9 see hear touch taste smell ? ?
  11. 11. How do you derive business value from IoT context? 10
  12. 12. Connect Things with Services to create value 11 WebRTC Middleware IoT Message Broker (MQTT, CoAP, etc.) Messages Streamed Media Streamed Data WebRTC Endpoints Analytics Services Systems of Enagement Enterprise IMS Core Microservices Node-RED Messages HTTP/REST Streamed Media Streamed Data IoT Network
  13. 13. IoT Middleware Reference Example Coturn Open Source STUN/TURN Server Dialogic XMS Media Server (Transcoding, Multiway, Record/Playback) WebSphere Liberty (Rtcomm Gateway, JSR 289 SIP Servlets) Signaling Proxy (MQTT, SIP, etc.) STUN/TURN Server Sig Gateway, App Server. Message Broker (SIP Servlets ) Media Processing Server Media + ICE JSR 309 Things Media + ICE Media Relay Signaling HTTP/REST WebRTC Middleware 12 Signaling Analytics Services Systems of Record Enterprise IMS Core Microservices IoT Message Broker (MQTT, CoAP, etc.) IoT Messages Node-RED WebRTC Endpoints
  14. 14. 13 A/V Analysis AnalyticsMobile Notifications Push Enterprise Contact Center Surveillance Network SBC/SIP Gateway Carrier Network IMS Use analytics to provide context: • Customer insights • Sentiment analysis • Video analysis • Text-to-speech Real-time A/V Signaling APIs JSR 309 WebRTC Media = Big Data WebRTC Middleware MRF as a service for transcoding, mixing, recording…. Use Case 1: WebRTC Video Surveillance with analytics
  15. 15. Use Case 2: WebRTC triggered by IoT IoT embedded sensor triggers a 3rd party video connection between a camera and a supervisor. WebRTC Middleware 3PCC service 1 2 3 14
  16. 16. WebRTC signaling and IoT networking 15 • To support WebRTC enabled “things”, IoT enabled signaling helps • IoT Protocol Options • MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) • Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) • Data Distribution Service (DDS) • Matrix
  17. 17. Why MQTT for WebRTC Signaling? • Open, lightweight, secure and massively scalable • Simple authorization through MQTT topic ACLs • Clients available on mobile platforms and JavaScript • Simple IoT integration • Extensible through JMS 16 MQTT for massively scalable signaling MQTT vs. HTTP/REST • 93x higher throughput • 1/10th battery • 1/8th bandwidth Stack size comparison SipML5: ~5 MB vs. MQTT Paho + Rtcomm: ~ 250K Visit for more info.
  18. 18. Rtcomm: Open WebRTC signaling protocol for IoT 17 • JSON based and designed for MQTT • The protocol is defined here: • WebRTC EndpointA Subscribed On /EndpointB/# Subscribed On /EndpointA/# WebRTC EndpointA Middleware Services Subscribed On /<rtcommTopicPath>/# MQTT Message Broker Subscribed On: /<iotTopicPath>/deviceID Subscribed On /< iotTopicPath >/# 3PCC Media Resource IMS or OTT
  19. 19. Rtcomm, Node.js and Node-RED Node.js Module for Rtcomm • Support 3PCC and Monitoring Node-RED: • A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things like: • MQTT enabled devices, MongoDB, Twitter, and much more! Rtcomm Node-RED Nodes • Third-Party Call Control • Session monitoring • Presence monitoring npm install node-red-contrib-rtcomm npm install rtcomm 18
  20. 20. WebRTC and IoT Open Source • Node-RED • • Rtcomm (web and mobile SDKs built on MQTT): • • Mosquitto (MQTT Broker): • • Paho MQTT client • 19
  21. 21. Conclusion: IoT Context for WebRTC • Is WebRTC and IoT a good match? Yes! • Where’s the value? • WebRTC enabled things • WebRTC media sessions triggered by IoT events • WebRTC media streaming from things = Big Data • Combining IoT context with WebRTC • Backend services • To support WebRTC enabled “things” you need: • IoT signaling • Embedded WebRTC • Network that can support media 20 To learn more visit:
  22. 22. 21 21