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Great Ways To Inspire Your Colleagues (and Yourself)

We've all been there when inspiration is running dry, but nowadays most of us work in teams, so next time it happens to you, wouldn't it be nice to have your teammates come to your rescue! Here are five ways you can cultivate a more creative working environment.

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Great Ways To Inspire Your Colleagues (and Yourself)

  2. 2. Why don’t you try this instead!?
  3. 3. One of them can simply be boredom.
  4. 4. It’s taking me so long to do this
  5. 5. aaaaaa aaaahh It’s taking me so long to do this
  6. 6. click here to learn some great PowerPoint hacks
  7. 7. We can share work-related things, but what about other things? Why not make some time in your day to share other things with your colleagues?
  8. 8. Music Films Food Colds
  9. 9. (Maybe not that last one – no-one will thank you for that)
  10. 10. Sharing things like music and films broadens our perspectives, helps us to know each other better, and provides a welcome break in the day.
  11. 11. Sharing food provides a time where everyone can stop!
  12. 12. Collaborate
  13. 13. And listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts.
  14. 14. Don’t be afraid to try something new either on your own…
  15. 15. Or with all of your colleagues
  16. 16. This kind of thing broadens your perspectives, so you can tell your colleagues about it
  17. 17. Or you’ll have a shared experience you can bond over
  18. 18. Make sure you’ve got some nice pictures on the walls
  19. 19. Face each other – try not to have partitions
  20. 20. But teamwork is key in obliterating the dreaded creative block
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