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Gandeng foundation pitch deck

  1. Gandeng Foundation
  2. Education and career prep The demand for soft skills development will increase more than 60% in 2025(3), along with hard skills development to keep ahead of competition, however students receive unclear guidance to develop such skillsets. University Level Students We build an ecosystem of three synergized pillars to unleash true potential of secondary and university level students and early SE/NGO More than 500,000 NGOs and SEs in Indonesia, only 1 out of 5 lasted for more than 2 years(2) due to lack of knowledge and valuable network support, causing limited capital support and limited growth. Secondary Level Students The problem we see NGO/SE Founders G-Academia 9 months soft-skills training Project- based learning Investor matching G-Incubation 12 months substantial class Expert advisory & roadmap generation Providing consulting service to advise NGO/SE on their strategy and roadmap Exposure to various industries G-Consulting 2 years intensive learning & development Real life consulting projects Democratize soft skills education for secondary level students Create more sustainable NGOs/SEs through incubation Educating university students through consulting methodology The solution we generate Aid students' project-based learning through social project collaboration adding value to both beneficiaries #GandengSetaraTumbuhBersama l 2 60% of Junior High School students and 40% of Senior High School students are not exposed to soft skill(1) educations. Moreover, ones that are exposed expects soft skill implementation to be more applicable. Source: (1)Kemendikbud, (1)UNICEF , (2)PLUS, (3)UNICEF (2019), (3)WEF (2020) Gandeng Foundation Overview: Problem & Solution
  3. The Foundation: Ecosystem-as-unique-solution With three synergized pillars, we provide integrated solutions towards the betterment of Indonesia’s education for students and NGO/SE founders Details Synergy #GandengSetaraTumbuhBersama l 3 Soft Skills Training E&C Preparation G-Consulting* (start Aug 2022) G-Academia (start Aug 2021) G-Incubation (start Aug 2021) Assist founders on value-creation Guide mentee’s project initiative ●Steering and monitoring mentee’s project initiatives ●Sharing session Mentee initiate a project under incubatees Project-Based Learning Internal Events Strategy Advising Roadmap Making Networking Building Internal Optimization 124 selected Mentors and 633 applied Mentees will receive... 15 selected NGOs/SEs from various industry out of 130+ applicants will receive... Consulting Skills Mastery Consulting Work Practice Real Consulting Case Peer Learning 20 selected university students will receive intense training on... For Secondary level Students For University level Students For Early SEs or NGO founders E&C Preparation Soft Skills Training
  4. Other than Mentor Hub, in the following years, we will create a wider impact and foster inclusivity through strengthening each pillar Sustainability Plan As we want to keep our main program free to promote inclusivity, we monetize through providing Mentor Hub as our first step Our Existing Monetisation Plan What We Aim Next G-Incubation Mentor Hub as self development program for secondary level students through 1-on-1 paid mentorship session with 50+ high- achiever mentors from diverse expertise #GandengSetaraTumbuhBersama l 4 Mentor Hub Business Model Mentor Hub We act as the bridge between mentors and JHS/SHS students Students Mentors by Gandeng Where we are 2022 2023
  5. Gandeng Foundation Overview: Our Family Together we are striving to achieve our mission encompassing continuous and sustainable impact across Indonesia's generation Our organization is supported by experts and experienced individuals with diverse background Veronica Colondam Founder & CEO YCAB Foundation Alfatih Timur Founder Kitabisa #GandengSetaraTumbuhBersama l 5 and 24 G-Ac mentors along with 16 other experts as our advisors, 10 experts as G-Inc trainers, Gina is currently working as a Senior Analyst in Favour Capital, an international boutique investment bank, Gina has direct experiences of assisting founders in Southeast Asia in doing capital raising to grow their business further. She also has experiences as a project manager in ShARE Consulting. Rivaldo Gere Gurky Chairperson Cindy Pregita Managing Director Founding Team Cindy is a Business Development of Grab Ventures with experiences as Business Intern at Google, Boston Consulting Group, OVO, and Ruangguru. Besides professional experience, she also participated in some programs such as YLI by McKinsey & Co and XLFL by XL Axiata. Valdo is a Senior Consultant at Altha Consulting and a VP of Strategy & Transformation at Prieds, with previous experience as Junior Partner at ShARE Consulting. Since a very young age, Valdo was Inspired to help others and make impactful contribution. Brigitta Vanya Sai Edgina (Gina) Chairperson With background and experiences from... and many more.. Alamanda Shantika Founder Binar Academy
  6. Our Partnership Proposal *Goal of the partnership - open for further discussion Partner What Deloitte provides What Gandeng Foundation will receive What Gandeng Foundation provides We would like to propose a collaboration with Deloitte to capture tertiary students as participants on a wider scale For complete list of the proposed partnership scheme, please refer to the TOR Gandeng Foundation #GandengSetaraTumbuhBersama l 6 G-Academia G-Academia G-Consulting G-Incubation Collaboration to help students prepare & persist through higher level education Work study opportunity & co- creation with G- Consulting consultants Knowledge & networking support as catalyst to NGOs/SEs G-Incubation Fostering inclusivity & supporting NGOs/SEs G-Consulting Preparing tertiary level students for real-life work environment Supporting secondary level students soft skills development Article Publication G-Academia G-Consulting G-Incubation Career plan development from experts in the field Consulting skills support & career opportunity Mentorship & advisory support to help produce competent NGOs/SEs Publication of Deloitte’s materials in all G- Foundation platform G-Academia Direct access to secondary level students for impact creation NGOs/SEs & investor networks to Deloitte impact circle G-Incubation G-Consulting Sourcing young talents and qualified future leaders to Deloitte Brand awareness & exposure in Gandeng Foundation ecosystem G-Academia Create multiple impact in Indonesia educational system Exposure to influential millennials and/or emerging NGOs/SEs across Indonesia G-Incubation G-Foundation G-Consulting High qualified talent source to be asset to Deloitte What Deloitte will receive G-Foundation Repost Publications Logo placement
  7. Thank You For more inquiries, please contact us: rivaldo.gurky@gandeng.org gina@gandeng.org Connect with us: @gandengfoundation Gandeng Foundation www.gandeng.org