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Plentiful Harvest: Food Rescue Program

  1. Food Rescue Program Food For Thought !
  2. Mike Turnbull Food Rescue Program Manager The Unemployed Help Centre November 17-19, 2013
  3. The Unemployed Help Centre is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the unemployed; economically challenged in the Windsor; Essex County area.
  4. Besides the services we offer to Windsor and Essex County residents we are also the hub of the Windsor Essex Food bank Association. We work very hard to keep the shelves full But there is always more that can be done……..
  5. So, a dedicated group of people with a common goal met to address the food security and nutritional needs of the community From this came the idea for Plentiful Harvest……..
  6. OUR MISSION  The mission of the UHC Food Rescue Program is to reduce hunger by rescuing large quantities of food; fresh and prepared for packaging and distribution to the hungry of our community.
  7. GOALS OF THE PROJECT          Increased quantity of food available for distribution Increased nutritional quality of food for distribution Equitable distribution of food across Windsor Essex County To rescue food that would otherwise be wasted To repackage food proportionally for distribution To provide nutritious foods for hungry people through social agencies To produce nutritious meals for hungry people To preserve nutritious food for future distribution To support knowledge and understanding of healthy eating through workshops, and demonstrations.
  8. WHAT IS PLENTIFUL HARVEST?  The Food Rescue Program consists of three key strategies and resources which allowed us to establish a comprehensive program to rescue large quantities of food (fresh/prepared) to package, distribute, feed, educate, and make more accessible food resources to individuals/families in need and enhance food security.
  9. 1. 26’ REFRIGERATED TRUCK/FOOD RESCUE We secured a 26’ Refrigerated Truck with support from Russell A. Farrow and The United Way’s Major Gifts Program This allowed us to gather fresh produce around the county……
  10. 2. STATE OF THE ART COMMUNITY KITCHEN We had a very ambitious plan for our Community Kitchen Thanks to our community partners, it became a reality….
  11. 3. MOBILE FOOD BANK Through our Mobile Food Bank we can distribute fresh produce to area neighourhoods and prepared foods to many agencies with after school programs, summer school programs etc. Our truck is always a welcome sight…………….
  12. In order to accomplish this we need many Community Partners
  13. So it was now time to launch our first strategy, Food Rescue.
  14. LOCAL FOOD ACT PASSES THIRD READING: MPP BAILEY’S TAX CREDIT FOR FOOD BANK DONATIONS BECOMES LAW For Immediate Release November 05, 2013 • • • • QUEEN’S PARK – On Tuesday, Bill 36 – Local Food Act, 2013, received unanimous support at third reading from MPPs at Queen’s Park. The Local Food Act enshrines into law Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey’s longstanding initiative to create a tax credit for farmers who donate agricultural products to Ontario food banks and community food programs. “There is a real need in Ontario’s food banks and community food programs for fresh and nutritious foods; I am thrilled that this tax credit for farmers was recognized by MPPs as a way to help generate those much needed donations” said MPP Bailey. “This will help get more fresh local food to those who need it the most and ensure that the Local Food Act actually has an impact.” The Local Food Act, which will receive Royal Assent from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on Wednesday, creates a non-refundable tax credit worth 25% of the current market value of the donated agricultural product to farmers who donate to a community food program, including a food bank. In order to be eligible the program must be run by a registered charity and must provide the food free of charge. Just hours before the Local Food Act passed, Food Banks Canada released its Hunger Report, 2013. The annual report from Food Banks Canada shows that last year in Ontario 375,814 people were assisted by food banks; more than 131,000 of those individuals were children. Moreover, the Ontario Association of Food Banks believes that 70 per cent of Ontarians using food banks do not have access to the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables.
  15. Food Destined For Landfills/Tilled Under Over 30 percent of fruits and vegetables in North America don't even make it onto store shelves because they're not pretty enough for picky consumers.
  16. WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF FOOD WASTE AND HOW CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE  Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tones — gets lost or wasted.  The impact of food waste is not just financial. Environmentally, food waste leads to wasteful use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides; more fuel used for transportation; and more rotting food, creating more methane – one of the most harmful greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change. Methane is 23 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.  Unused food that ends up in landfills is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases.
  17. TO DATE PLENTIFUL HARVEST HAS RESCUED OVER 2 MILLION LBS OF FOOD 2,000,000 lbs of Food Rescued since June of 2012 and distributed equitably to sixteen area food bank, over 50 community agencies, after school programs and summer programs.
  18. Rescued food can now be put on the plates of those in need in our community. Our students find creative ways to preserve and prepare rescued food
  19. Student Prepare Fresh Meals And Snacks For Our Mobile Food Bank, After School Programs And Summer School Programs
  20. Putting Good Food To Good Use.
  21. We couldn’t do this without community PARTNERSHIPS We Entered Into An Innovative Partnership Between The Unemployed Help Centre And The Greater Essex County District School Board
  22. We Began A Very Successful Partnership With The Victorian Order Of Nurses Chef Robert and VON’s Stephanie Segave enjoy fresh produce
  23. With The VON Our Students Prepare Over Fifty Thousand Healthy Meals, That Are Sent Out Daily To Hundreds Seniors In Our Community After school meals are also prepared for Windsor and Essex County Schools…
  24. The VON Student Nutrition Program Provides 2600 Healthy After School Snacks Each Month All prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen…
  25. “These programs are a testament to the obstacles that can be overcome and the powerful results that can be achieved when an organization leverages The ingenuity of local youth, local food and dynamic community partnerships!” Stephanie Segave Ontario Student Nutrition Program Manager VON Canada
  26. Our efforts have been rewarded with many awards, including Ontario Food Banks ‘Innovator of the Year’
  27. The Victorian Order of Nurses ‘Award of Excellence 2013’ to Chef Robert Catherine
  28. The Windsor and Essex County District School Board’s CHAMPIONS OF EDUCATION AWARD
  29. We owe our success to the hard work of our staff, students and volunteers And to the tremendous support we receive from the community.