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BristolSEO - How To Get Big Links Without A Big Budget

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The last few months have been the most fraught of my career, dealing with budget cuts, campaign pauses and a media that seemingly only wants to talk about one thing – coronavirus. My role at Propellernet is to secure our clients links through digital PR, and myself and the team have had to adapt pretty quickly but our change in tact has led to us build over 400 links. My talk will go into how great digital PR campaigns don’t need to cost the world and how you can maximise the amount of links you secure with each story.

Louise Parker - Digital PR Director, Properllnet

Louise has worked in Digital PR for 5 years, securing coverage and links for brands like Premier Inn, Kuoni, carwow and PureGym. She specialises in creating link building strategies that both excite journalists and connect with a brand's audience. She also makes incredibly niche TikTok videos about digital PR (@louise_digitalpr).

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BristolSEO - How To Get Big Links Without A Big Budget

  1. 1. I build links through digital PR at Propellernet (creating content and stories that the media will cover and link to) Hello!
  2. 2. Media upheaval The last few months have been….interesting. Cut budgets Nervous clients
  3. 3. But despite the ~unprecedented~ times, we’ve built 100s of links
  4. 4. Three things in common 1 Quick turn-around No fancy assets Low cost 2 3
  5. 5. When you think ‘PR’ you might think celebrities, videos, events expensive surveys…
  6. 6. When you think ‘digital PR’ you might think huge data sets, developers, interactive pages and designs…
  7. 7. When you think ‘PR’ you might think celebrities, videos, events expensive surveys…
  8. 8. But the last couple of months it’s all been about the humble blog post Some text Few images Couple of tables of data
  9. 9. It’s all about having a killer story media want to cover (and content they’re happy to link to)
  10. 10. What journalist has ever been excited to link to something? They’re excited/intrigued/interested by the story
  11. 11. And you can find a great story in lots of places, and it can cost (nearly) nothing
  12. 12. 1. Find your resource…
  13. 13. Do you have a brand expert?
  14. 14. It helps if you’re saying something surprising, shocking or unusual …but being timely also works
  15. 15. (the expert can be you)
  16. 16. Has your brand seen any spikes in sales?
  17. 17. Again, has to be surprising and/or tied to recent news or pop culture (more on that later)
  18. 18. Use search data that ties to your brand
  19. 19. Search data is basically the best free survey out there – it reflects people’s preferences and current trends
  20. 20. “Most searched for [something connected to your brand]” “Every countries’ most popular [something connected to your brand]” “Increase in searches for [something connected to your brand]”
  21. 21. Analyse social media data
  22. 22. Social Blade: views, subscribers and earnings stats for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok etc Google for latest earning data Instagram: use number of hashtags for ‘most photographed’ Instagram: look at a good sample of images to discover trends
  23. 23. Run a free survey
  24. 24. (it doesn’t have to be +1,000 respondents)
  25. 25. FOIs take ages, use someone else’s
  26. 26. Exam boards Local councils Ofcom Transport for London
  27. 27. Use any free published data
  28. 28. DVLA NumbeoWaste Flow
  29. 29. (ctrl + F ‘methodology’ on your fav digital PR campaigns)
  30. 30. 2. Pick a ‘safe’ topic
  31. 31. Topical
  32. 32. Evergreen
  33. 33. 3. Go global
  34. 34. Nationals Regionals Lifestyle Celebrity Music America Canada South Africa Kenya Nigeria Australia Middle East New Zealand India “Most listened to songs during sex”
  35. 35. 4. Make a link-able blog post
  36. 36. Simply write up your story with a little extra info
  37. 37. Expert tips More assets Further data <snappy title> nice image nice image <full results> <bonus assets> <extra trips>
  38. 38. “Please include a credit the original research” “More information can be found here…”
  39. 39. Free resource Topical or evergree n topic International appeal Blog post with further info Link Gold
  40. 40. Ability to be reactive Bonus benefits Allows for consistency More adventurous Less pressure
  41. 41. Happy link building! I’m on Twitter @louisevparker (and Tik Tok @louise_digitalpr)