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Satyajit Dey summary slides 2017

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Personal research summary 2017

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Satyajit Dey summary slides 2017

  1. 1. Creep Damage during stress relaxation in welded stainless steel components Solid Mechanics Research Group Satyajit Dey PhD Student
  2. 2. Research Motivation • Creep deformation in welded joints not well understood • Adequate justification required for the factor based approach in creep damage assessment methods for weldments • Welded component specific creep damage assessment procedures required • Address monotonic stress relaxation damage phenomena such as reheat cracking of welds Main project objectives • Quantify effects of creep properties mismatch and weld geometry on creep deformation and damage of weldments: • Effects on Elastic Follow Up effect • Effects on stress raising effects in the weld fusion zone • Validate state variable based damage assessment approach for 316H steel welds
  3. 3. Research Activities • Develop analytical models for welded components • Perform FE analyses of reheat cracking of welds arising due to creep relaxation of residual stresses • Assess existing experimental techniques used to measure continuum creep damage and creep strains • Compare analytical results with existing experimental results – benchmarking analytical models • Calibrate state variable based damage models with existing test data on 316H material and incorporate stress and strain enhancement effects in the weld fusion zone
  4. 4. Some Snapshots (S4 Weld Reheat Cracking) Contra-rotating Wind Turbine Generator Novel Energy Supply Unit Novel High Speed Containment for a Generator S4 Reheat Cracking model