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Mr. Rockwell’s 36-year career...
Browning Rockwell
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Revenues: $200 million Major Client List: US Dept of State, Ballast Nedham, Hochtief, Dumez, US A...
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  1. 1. BROWNING ROCKWELL TEL (202)256-5732 | E-Mail LINKEDIN PROFILE | OVERVIEW Mr. Rockwell’s 36-year career spans a range of disciplines related to business development, international business, and project and technical management. His unique experience includes direct responsibility for the executive management of organizations as well as providing consulting services. He has advised private enterprises, government-funded agencies and nonprofit organizations in maximizing their local and global business opportunities. He is a pragmatic, hands-on leader, who can identify opportunities and challenges, and implement practical solutions to improve systems, operations, marketing and customer/partner relationships and increase market reach and revenues. He is an industry pioneer in Internet and eCommerce technology applied to international trade education, processes and facilitation. Mr. Rockwell provided executive leadership for a venture capital backed technology company during the Internet boom and post Internet bubble market challenges. He is a dynamic leader who can navigate the complex business landscape. RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS ▪ Worked with R&D companies to transition SIBR grants to commercial application ▪ Oversaw the completion of the largest rooftop PV installation in UAE on MASDAR City ▪ Founded and led several not for profit associations including the Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA) , Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Associations (SASIA) , and Solar GCC Alliance aimed at furthering the growth of solar energy in the Middle East. ▪ Founded the Architectural Solar Association (ASA), an industry advocate for transforming buildings facades and other architectural surfaces into generating assets. ▪ Developed strategy and business model for digital health and wellness exchange using blockchain technology OVERVIEW OF EXPERIENCE 2012 – 2016 Consulting practice - Founder and Executive Director of several international solar industry associations. Business Development and international marketing engagements for companies working in aerospace, energy , manufacturing, construction, technology, franchising, agriculture, healthcare and business services 2006 – 2011 Acting General Manager of SunEdison MENA LLC, subsidiary of MEMC, an S&P 500 company and global leader in solar project development ( Mr. Rockwell’s experience with renewable energy includes market entry strategy, government liaison, proposal development, partnership identification, project management, and solar advisory services. 2003 - 2011 Mr. Rockwell worked as an international business consultant and Middle East solar energy project developer based in Dubai. He spent time working on various assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2002 - 2010 . Prior to his years in Dubai, Mr. Rockwell was the founder and president of several technology start–ups (Trade Compass, Global Information Network) and the author of "Using the Internet to Compete in the Global Marketplace. He also founded and was president of Horizon Trading Company, an international trading company based in Washington DC for 22 years. 1980 - 2002 Founder & President Horizon Trading Company Inc. (HTC)
  2. 2. Browning Rockwell Page 2 Revenues: $200 million Major Client List: US Dept of State, Ballast Nedham, Hochtief, Dumez, US Army Corps of Engineers, World Bank, Government of Kuwait, MODA, Royal Saudi Air Force, Dillingham Construction, USAID, DOD Started and operated international trading company serving 50+ private and public sector clients worldwide. Handled full range of exporting services for manufacturing companies. Assisted clients with market research, financing options, insurance, documentation, packing and freight, distribution, warehousing, and custom clearance. HTC received “Outstanding Service Award” for participation and high quality service in the Kuwait Emergency Recovery Program (KERP) post first Gulf War. Spun off and managed three functional divisions from HTC operations: Horizon International Furniture (1985 – 1990), knockdown furniture design company for electronics. Manufactured products in Germany, Korea, and Taiwan and sold to large stores like William Sonoma, Sharper Image, Dayton Hudson, and Rogers Sound Lab. Horizon International, Inc. (1992 – 1999), US-based agricultural commodity trading company exporting food commodities worldwide in partnership with Dairy Trading International, a Netherlands corporation. Horizon Computer Group (1993 – 1999), licensed export of Hewlett Packard and American Power Conversion 220-volt products. Frequent speaker and moderator at industry events and conferences covering international trade and technology Career milestones: Internet Entrepreneur - Founder & President Web 1.0 Technology startup - Trade Compass Author - Using the Internet to Compete in a Global Marketplace - Wiley & Sons Publisher: MENA Solar Brief newsletter - online publication Media events: Mr. Rockwell has been interviewed on CNN, Good Morning America, BCC Radio and China National TV. CNN interview – November 2006