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21 books slide_pdf
This slideshow focuses on 21 books that are actually in my home and impact they've had on me. I think they are all a great read and can help impact your business and personal life. The books are easy to find on your own and I've added aff. links towards the back (100% optional if you choose to use them, i'm more interested in your getting the books in your hands)

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21 books slide_pdf

  1. 1. 21 Physical Books I Own And Their Impact@AmbassadorBruny
  2. 2. The books listed are not laid out in anyparticular order. They are actual books that Iown (as opposed to audio or ebooks...that’s another slideshow).The inspiration for this work is my part of my creed called, “The Books Your Read.” The whole creed is called, “The Ambassador’s Creed and can be found here:
  3. 3. Men’s Wardrobe: I love men’s fashion and it pretty much started with this book. Ittaught me the basics of men’s fashion, an appreciation for the classics and started mylove for beautiful coffee table books (I want to write my own one day). I’ve had thisbook since 1999.
  4. 4. Business Model Generation: This book totally rocked my world with its businessmodel canvas. All of a sudden I felt I understood what people meant when they asked,“What’s your business model?” By the way most people are really asking, “How do youmake money?” There is so much more to a business model.
  5. 5. Slideology: Another book that totally rocked my world. This book really covers thedetails of creating and delivering an awesome presentation. Totally changed the way Ipresent and my appreciation for presentations. All I have to say is “less is more.”Many companies can learn from that.
  6. 6. Decoded: I’m a huge Jay-Z fan and this book gave me a deeper understanding andrespect for how the man truly is not a businessman, but a “Business” man. Not proudof some of the things he has done as a youth, but the way he leveraged thetransferable skills is legendary and many learn from it.
  7. 7. Golf For Dummies: This is my go to book for golf tips. My wife got this for me and Ivisit it before golf season and use it whenever I need a refresher. It’s not the kind ofbook you read from cover to cover, but reach for it depending on your needs.
  8. 8. Your Spiritual Gold Mind: This book really gave me an appreciation for affirmations.Much of the style from my own book can be traced back to this book. The powerfulaffirmation that I come back to is, “I am fearless.”
  9. 9. Co-Active Coaching: This has been my guidebook throughout my coachingcertification. Great information that can be used for budding coaches. A great secretuse are the list of questions in the book. Great as conversation starters.
  10. 10. Never Eat Alone: This is the book that got me going on a lot of the principals I haveon networking. It provides a good framework with it’s RAP (Relationship Action Plan). Ireally loved the focus on being vulnerable. It’s influence shows up in my work when Italk about, “Being Human.”
  11. 11. What Color Is Your Parachute?: This was the book that I used after I got fired--surewe called it mutually parting ways, but in reality, I got fired. I used this book to take adeep look at who I am, what I want to do. It even inspired a personal success formula:P2M3 + N (Passion & Purpose x Mentorship, Meaning & Money + Networking)
  12. 12. Content Rules: This book helped me to answer the question, “How am I going toconstantly create content.” It’s something that I’m still working on, but this book is justa wealth of knowledge that I highly recommend.
  13. 13. The $100 Startup: We are all looking for proof / examples of successful people doingthe kind of things we would like to do. This book gives you practical steps to get yourbusiness going and plenty of examples of folks who are already doing it. Look up orstart your own $100 Startup Meet-up in your local area to get added support.
  14. 14. The Servant: This leadership book taught me the meaning of unconditional love withit’s breakdown of the word, “Love.” The poor souls who have had me as a managershould be thanking the author of this book. It really changed how I managed andappreciated my folks at Intel.
  15. 15. The Icarus Deception: One of the main reasons I love this book is this phrase, “Thismight not work.” That phrase made it easier for me to give myself permission to takechances. It gave me the guts to work with a group of dudes in my local area to put onmonthly meet-ups (something I’ve been thinking about for a while).
  16. 16. The Power Of Focus: This is one of those timeless books, in my humble opinion. If itlooks a little beat up it’s because I’ve used it so much. Great content and greatexercises to get you moving. When I think about this book, the following comes tomind, “Let others lead small lives, but not you.”
  17. 17. Conversations With Millionaires: I love interviews and learning how successfulpeople became that way. This book transcribes several interviews so it’s a compactmanuel that everyone should have in their library. Instead of one concept you getabout 7 or 8 of them. It inspired me to research the folks who were interviewed.
  18. 18. The Anatomy of Peace: I can’t look at this book without taking a calming breathe. Iread this book as part of my leadership program with CTI. It helps you to humanizethose you are arguing with. It honestly feels like a must read for all husband and wives.I read it while my wife was getting her MBA, which was a very stressful time.
  19. 19. Do You!: Uncle Russ was the first one (I’m sure the message was in my face all along)who made me appreciate the process and not just the end result. He reminded methat you will eventual grow bored with that car you’ve always wanted. You have tolearn to love the work and the process itself.
  20. 20. Success Runs In Our Race: My car broke down, I stopped at a bookstore and foundthis gem at a discount price (as you can see). It was a look into the future and my workwith conference networking.
  21. 21. Tribes: I thought about taking a new picture but then realized it’s fuzzy for a reason.The concepts on stepping forward and leading is one that I’ve struggled with. Thisreally helped provide some clarity around people needing a way to be connected.Someone has to step-up and create space(s); that someone is you and me.
  22. 22. Move the Crowd: I cheated; it’s my own book. But, the process of writing my firstbook is one I’ll never forget. It was the first time I really poured a lot of myself into oneproject and it helped me come to grips with the fact that I’m an artist in my own way. Italso taught me that writing a book is different from marketing and selling a book.
  23. 23. The Maxwell Leadership Bible: A twist on the traditional Bible, Maxwell pulls out thedifferent leadership lessons that can be learned from the Bible. I thought it was veryinteresting and provides a unique perspective. It’s like two books in one.
  24. 24. • Men’s Wardrobe by Chic Simple• Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder• Slideology by Nancy Duarte• Decoded by Jay-Z• Golf For Dummies by Gary McCord• Your Spiritual Gold Mine by John Alexandrov• Co-Active Coaching by Whitworth, Kimsey-House, Sandahl• Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi• What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles• Content Rules by C.C. Chapman / Ann Handley
  25. 25. • The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau• The Servant by James C. Hunter• The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin• The Power Of Focus by Hansen, Canfield, Hewitt• Conversations With Millionaires by Jason Oman• The Anatomy Of Peace by The Arbinger Institute• Do You! by Russell Simmons• Success Runs In Our Race by George C. Fraser• Tribes by Seth Godin• Move the Crowd by Mike Ambassador Bruny• The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John Maxwell and GOD