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Onboarding Designed to Engage and Delight Customers by Dan Fisher and Gerry Gadoury at Engage 2016

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One of the keys to engaging customers effectively is to onboard and train your new hires quickly and effectively. Systematically well-trained employees who have fully bought in are enabled to engage and delight customers, helping your business grow. In this session with Dan Fisher and Gerry Gadoury, learn what common mistakes to avoid and best practices to implement to effectively hire, onboard, and train your new hires.

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Onboarding Designed to Engage and Delight Customers by Dan Fisher and Gerry Gadoury at Engage 2016

  1. 1. Onboarding Designed to Engage and Delight Customers Gerry Gadoury & Dan Fisher Menemsha Group (617) 398-6190
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Training Fails to Deliver ROI • Critical Success Factors • Mapping the New Hire’s Sales/Recruiting Journey • Deploying Regimented Milestone Training • Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Training • Sustaining Change with Playbooks, Coaching the Coaches
  3. 3. Common Reasons Training Fails to Deliver ROI Information through a Fire Hose: Focus on “speed to completion” & turn loose rather than internalization and adoption. Shadow Training or training by “osmosis.” Managers wait for reps to “figure it out.” Results: 80% of revenue from Top 10% of reps/accounts. Inability to scale the business; Revolving Door Syndrome Sales Coaching: Business development vs. talent development. Product-Focused Training creates peddlers, objections, and roadblocks Lack of Commitment: Managers fail to enroll themselves in training. Failure to “coach the coaches.” Managers fail to coach to the message, model desired behaviors.
  4. 4. On-Boarding Critical Success Factors That Drive ROI
  5. 5. Mapping Your Sales Process
  6. 6. Map the Recruiter/Sales Rep Journey
  7. 7. Sales Methodology 83% achieve quota vs. 54% with no methodology Accelerate Learning-Drive Consistency-Predictable Results
  8. 8. Job Scorecard (Sales Rep) Attribute Weight Raw Score Grow revenue X% Open X new accounts Average X GP margins Expand account A by X % • Objectivity vs subjectivity
  9. 9. Regimented Milestone-Based Training
  10. 10. How Long Will it Take My Rep to Complete Training? Training Deployment Plan
  11. 11. Training Engagement & Adoption Metrics
  12. 12. Sustaining Change 30/60/90 Day Challenge: Establish certification expectations to establish standards for success. Role Play Competition: Competition in front of peers/supervisors; panel of judges. Quarterly Workshops: 100% participation-based. Monthly Calls: Share best practices, success stories. Virtual Reinforcement: Share online voice/video presentations and test pitches 120 Day Challenge: Select 5 accounts to apply new sales methodology and training content
  13. 13. Sustain Change with Playbooks & “Coach the Coaches” Consistent coaching can boost performance by 19% Corporate Executive Board Sales leaders who consistently coach their reps grow revenue by 25% year-over-year on average Kurlan & Associates Top performing sales leaders invest 50% or more of their time coaching reps Sales Performance International 19% 25% 50%+
  14. 14. Create a Culture of Continuous Learning • Make sales assets available through portal or LMS – Templates, case studies, value props, videos, training courses, playbooks • Create & engage in healthy competition EVERY DAY – reported use of gamification increased sales performance 11-50% – Aberdeen Group revealed that 31% more first-year reps achieved quota when supported with game mechanics. • Encourage risk with A/B testing • Establish short-term (weekly) improvement goals – Voicemail messages to return calls, emails sent, emails replied to – Connects to meaningful conversations