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Eng 152

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Eng 152

  2. 2. MP3 music format, and MP3 players, the most popular and most entertaining inventionsof recent years.MP3, an audio compression format, sharing and copying of musicalworks licensedcompressed format, but it is banned.
  3. 3.  However, pirated MP3 sharing over theinternet has reached the size of madness. Technology companies in this situation, assessed the introduction of MP3 players that plays MP3-format songs. Because these devices until you exit out, rest your MP3 songs not only knew the computer.
  4. 4.  MP3 players, songs downloaded from the Internet, to carry with you, allows you to make your own digital albums. Heres all been wondering about MP3 players, prices, and find addresses.
  5. 5. WHAT IS MP3?  MP3 music filesare compressed, resulting in an intensive f ormat. Shortening emergedMPEG Layer 3. (MPEG: Motion Pictures Experts Group) MP3ten before the 4-minuteaudiorecording where there was a need to make the 60-70 MB. MP3le files with sizes16 times smaller.
  6. 6. MP3 PLAYERS, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN? With the advent of the millennium was released. Show very rapid development. 64 MB,then a mem giant size, while the 40 GB MP3 players on the market now.
  7. 7. WALKMAN, CD PLAYER AND MP3 CD ÇALARDAN WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?  Memory MP3 player to listen tomusic CDs, cassette tapes do not need any suchmaterial. MP3 songs, memory, via acomputer, cable, or via a USB connection to download, listening to the high sound quality. If MP3-compatible CD players, recorded onCD, MP3- format songs playing.