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The digital buyer's journey

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The consumer path to purchase is no longer linear. Customers experience your brand in a multitude of ways. The right content at the right time can make the difference between a customer choosing your brand over another brand.

This infographic showcases how content is experienced in micro-moments along the consumer’s path to purchase and how content can ultimately influence purchase behavior.

Take a look and you’ll see just how mission-critical content is to your brand’s impact.

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The digital buyer's journey

  1. 1. Bynder For more information visit: ©2019 Bynder. All rights reserved. Download the CPG marketer's guide to creating more to learn how to keep your brand top of mind with fit-for-purpose, ever-present content. Get the ebook Keep your brand in the mind's eye of your customer with Bynder On brand and on time Pure for sure H2O Social ads Word of mouth Weather please How does your brand show up in the lives of your customers? Print ads TV ads In-app purchase Home delivery BUY Stock up on water Storm this weekend Conversational AI Digital ads Purified Water 29.54 7.346 So many choices for the consumer. So many channels to consider. So much content being produced. So little consideration for your brand. With all these variables, what’s a brand manager to do? What other factors impact the buying decision when picking a brand of water? Where it comes from Trusted Brand Physical composition Convenience Visual cues before and at time of purchase spark memory and impact buying behavior. Deploying visual cues throughout the buyer journey - from I want to I am buying water - requires agile deployment of digital assets. 200 120+ brands of water sold globally! Marketing channels! People buy what they know Compared to roughly 16 brands in the 1970s Beverage companies that utilize multi-channel marketing are drowning in assets and derivatives. Recognized objects get chosen over unrecognized - no surprise - it’s documented human behavior. When being in the mind’s eye sells more Taking over the mind's eye requires carefully crafted digital content that consistently presents your brand to the buyer.