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CARARE: Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europe

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CARARE is a European network and non-profit association focussing on the digital archaeological and architectural heritage. We offer our members advice, guidance, training, technical services and create project opportunities. CARARE has been cooperating with Europeana, the EU platform for digital cultural heritage, helping to aggregate content for the archaeological and architectural heritage. In addition, we participate in the ARIADNE-Plus research infrastructure for archaeological datasets and in the Share3D project, which is making new tools available to share 3D content and to use it in story making.

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CARARE: Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europe

  1. 1. Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europe Kate Fernie Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana, Amersfoort, 28th June 2019
  2. 2. • A non-profit membership association established in 2016 building on the results of an EU best practice network • Objectives: advancing professional practice and fostering appreciation of the digital archaeological and architectural heritage • Membership: national and regional heritage organisations, archaeology museums, digital archives, research groups, creative industries and individuals Introducing CARARE Learn more about us:
  3. 3. ● Support: advice, guidance and training ● Technical services: ● helping members to share their digital content with Europeana ● Maintaining the CARARE metadata schema ● Network: news, regular updates and events ● Projects: developing proposals and project opportunities for members Activities and services
  4. 4. CARARE and Europeana
  5. 5. From 2010 to the present CARARE has: • Maintained aggregation services (MINT and MORe) • Supported many data partners • Provided 2+ million items to Europeana • Developed spin-off projects LoCloud, 3D Icons and Europeana Archaeology Delivering content
  6. 6. About the domain • CARARE’s members and data partners include a diverse range of organisations with different ways of recording the cultural heritage • Heritage agencies, museums, archives, libraries, researchers • Different types of object in their collections • Inventory records, reports, photographs, drawings, books, videos, objects, aerial photos, GIS datasets, 3D datasets, models, reconstructions, etc. • Using different languages, vocabularies, time periods and map systems
  7. 7. Framework • CARARE defined a metadata schema which is • Standards based: CIDOC core standards, MIDAS Heritage, LIDO and EDM • Distinguishes between “heritage assets” (monument, building, painting, book, image, film, 3D) and digital representations • Allows for events (field activities, lab work) and collections • Is rich where the domain calls for it (e.g. time, space, monument character) • Meets a need to mediate between native data (exports) and enable transformation into a common format for Europeana
  8. 8. Aggregation services • MINT: enables metadata mapping from a native schema to a standard schema • MORe: provides metadata harvesting, repository and enrichment services, and submission of data to Europeana
  9. 9. Publishing All the data aggregated by CARARE is available in Europeana • Enables cross searches by subject, period and place • Promotes open licencing of the content • Enables reuse • eCulture Map is just one example of reuse
  10. 10. Connecting content Heritage asset Has representation Images: Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Arqueología Ibérica “Hornos de Peal, Jaén” Has representation is related Has Met
  11. 11. ● CARARE members have a range of interests and represent various communities and networks: ● heritage management, conservation, museum management, research, fieldwork, visualization, cultural heritage informatics, education, outreach ● In addition to Europeana, CARARE is also active other projects and initiatives to reflect this range And also people
  12. 12. ARIADNE Plus International infrastructure for the archaeological reseach community and their datasets
  13. 13. Sharing new perspectives: Share 3D EU funded project focusing on enabling sharing and reuse of 3D content in story telling
  14. 14. Europeana Archaeology New EU funded project focusing on raising the profile of archaeology in Europeana
  15. 15. To sum up • CARARE is a membership association with a great community of members • We offer support, advice and training • Are active in a number of projects and • Aim to create interesting opportunities for members to develop their professional practice and to promote the archaeological and architectural heritage • We’re open to new members, so if you are interested please get in touch!
  16. 16. Thanks for your attention