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Exploring the potential for LPWAN for agri-tech

  1. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 1 EXPLORING  THE   POTENTIAL  FOR   LPWAN  FOR  AGRI-­ TECH Connected  Cows  and  Robot  farmers? PA November  2016
  2. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 2 IoT  – a  new  source  of  value,  and  a  PA  sweet-­spot!
  3. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 3 Digitising  Agriculture  – unlocking  the  potential  in  the  agricultural  value  chain Ghost  (signpost)  – current  chapter  title...
  4. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 4 The  farm  of  the  future:  an  ecosystem  of  analytics,  sensors,  farmers  and  robots Cloud-­‐Based Decision  System Be  proactive  by  turning  data   into  decisions Collect  field  data  using  low   power,  low  cost  sensors LoRa moisture  sensors LoRa weather  station LoRa data  visualisation Farmers   irrigate   when  needed Plan  Actions  further   up  the  Supply   Chain Increase  sustainability  by  deploying   autonomous  robots Frequent  drone  surveying Autonomous  Drone  Swarms Enabling  Collaborative   Behaviour e.g.  Weed  Removal
  5. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 5 We’ve  used  a  simple  LoRa sensor  network  with  open-­source  analytical  tools  to   create  a  low-­cost  platform  to  enable  us  to  test  and  learn  with  different  applications   Why  LoRa? • Technically  sound • Open  platform • Sensor  availability • Scalable • Adaptable • (relatively)  easy  to   configure • Predictable  costs
  6. ©  PA  Knowledge   Limited   2016 6