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Centre «MARTA» work, Sexual violence and gender equality in Latvian society.

Centre «MARTA» Latvia

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Centre «MARTA» work, Sexual violence and gender equality in Latvian society.

  1. 1. Centre «MARTA» work, Sexual violence and gender equality in Latvian society. #USVreact
  2. 2. Centre MARTA   Year 2000 originating from cooperation of the Swedish «Martha» Association in Finland and Women Organizations of Latvia. Registered with the status of an association in year 2004;   Psychological, social and juridical support for women in Latvia: non-citizens and migrants; women with low income and unemployed women; victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Advocacy in national level;   Mission: elimination of violence against women and promotion of women rights and gender equality. Background information
  3. 3. Invisibility of sexual violence   Sexuality and other “intimate” themes as a taboo;   Amendments to Latvian Constitution, article 111. (2005); «The State shall protect and support marriage – a union between a man and a woman, the family, the rights of parents and rights of the child.»   Influence of Church in discussions about Istanbul convention;   Amendments to education law - discussions about sex education in Latvian schools (2015); «[..] schools will henceforth be obliged to give children 'moral education' in line with the values of the Constitution, most notably with regard to the primacy of conventional ideas of what constitutes marriage and family life.» Historical reasons
  4. 4. Knowledge about sexual violence in universities?   Research in beginning; “Sexual violence against man.” (2015)   Facebook page “The closed” for homosexual youth, parents, teachers etc. (since 2010) Peripheral remarks
  5. 5.   Prevention of violence;   Boy's clubs;   Forum “Stand Up” What’s done: MARTA actions
  6. 6.   Public discussions, lectures, interviews;   Broad and undefined audience as target group;   Conference for professionals;   Students as target group - how to implement the USVreact programme; What’s planned: “Stand Up” and (sexual) violence Central theme of autumn-winter 2017/2018
  7. 7. USVreact programme and how to use it in Latvia's context Preliminary remarks   Institutional question - how to use it for the purposes of MARTA and for the Universities; Problems: urgency to deal with sexual violence, financial support and political will;   Semiresearch - gathering of information for further research and strengtening of MARTA position - different focusgroups of students (boys, girls, mixed groups) and some focusgroup of teachers; Example: New Center MARTA in Liepāja - Liepājas University;   Initiating collaboration with University institutions, to pass on the praxis, if they're interested.