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Interactive Panel: Changing campus cultures to support equality and prevent violence.

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Juana Gallego Ayala (Lecturer and director of the Gender Equality Observatory, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain)

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Interactive Panel: Changing campus cultures to support equality and prevent violence.

  1. 1. Your logo PROTOCOLS AGAINST GENDER- BASED VIOLENCE AT UNIVERSITY Difficulties and opportunities Juana Gallego. #USVreact
  2. 2. Gender-based violence and sexual harassment take place at university as in any other social network This is a fact. Among the principles passed by the Third Action Plan for Equality between men and women for the UAB (2013-2017) is the following “ Design and implement a proposal for the complete eradication of gender violence and abusive relations, increasing institutional coordination and including a protocol and a reporting and assistance procedure for cases of sexual harassment for reasons of sex and sexual orientation” Sexual harassment and gender-based violence: previous awar Your logo
  3. 3. EGERA Project Recommenda�ons: An ins�tu�onal organiza�on or mechanism to address sexual harassment Your logo
  4. 4. OFFICIAL PROTOCOL AT THE AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (UAB) Your logo   A�er some debate and discussion, the Protocol against sexual harassment and gender-based violence was passed in July, 2016.   The Protocol can be ac�vated by students, teachers and administra�ve staff.   The procedure takes a month.
  5. 5. The Protocol’s Procedure Your logo
  6. 6. The Protocol’s Procedure Your logo   When a person ac�vates the Protocol a Technical Commission is appointed.   This Commission is formed by:   One person from the Legal Service of the UAB   One person from the Psychology Service   One person from the Staff Preven�ve Service   One person from the Observatory
  7. 7. Information Brochure of the Protocol and Resources against gender-based violence Your logo
  8. 8. Difficulties Your logo   The vic�m’s reluctant a�tude to report sexual harassment or gender-based violence due to distrust in the effec�veness of the Protocol   The precau�onary measures that can be taken in considera�ons are scarcely s�pulated in the Protocol
  9. 9. Difficulties Your logo   Lack of a Disciplinary Regime at the University (The last one dates back to 1954).   Absence of disciplinary disposi�ons in the Student Charter (2010). There is just a men�on to non-discrimina�on but it is so general that it is not possible to apply disciplinary rules. If there is a legal process, the Technical Commission has to wait un�l the procedure is finished
  10. 10. Opportunities Your logo   There is much more awareness about the problem in the academic community   There are training courses in sexual harassment and gender-based violence addressed to students, administra�ve staff and professors (Psicogènere and the Observatory)   Students are discussing now a Code of Ethics for their associa�ons
  11. 11. Opportunities Your logo   There are different campaigns against sexual harassment and gender-based violence   There is an Ini�al Support Service an a�en�on addressed to sexual harassment and sexual violence vic�ms (Psicogènere)   There is an agreement with a Professional Support Service that helps students, free of charge, that have been sexual violence vic�ms (Conexus)
  12. 12. Final Considerations Your logo   We think this is a good moment to debate and widen the awareness about sexual violence.   Violence against women is a very important problem in Spain and social networks are increasing awareness among people.
  13. 13. LGTBI Campaigns Your logo
  14. 14. Your logo
  15. 15. Campaign “Sexism it is not funny” Your logo
  16. 16. Campaign “Sexism is not funny” Your logo
  17. 17. Campaign “Party without violence” Your logo
  18. 18. Your logo   THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION