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Interactive Panel: Changing campus cultures to support equality and prevent violence.

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Anne Chappell (Brunel, UK)

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Interactive Panel: Changing campus cultures to support equality and prevent violence.

  1. 1. Changing Campus Cultures To Support Equality And Prevent Violence. Anne Chappell (Chair) #USVreact
  2. 2. Joana Gallego Ayala (Professor and Director at the Gender Equality Observatory, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) Antigone Lyberaki (Professor of Economics at Panteion University, Greece in the Department of Economics and Regional Development) Mara Martini (Research fellow at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Women and Gender Research and Studies (CIRSDE), University of Turin, UNITO, Italy) Alison Phipps (Professor of Gender Studies at University of Sussex , UK) The Panel
  3. 3. How can we change campus cultures to create more open and supportive spaces for survivors?   The difficulty in applying protocols against sexual harassment at the University and in student organisations.   How much are rape myths shared by university students in Turin and how can this be changed.   The obstacles created by the focus on the public and political rather the private and the personal.   The case for cultural change in the neo-liberal university. Changing Campus Cultures
  4. 4.   What can we do to reduce the acceptance of rape myths?   To what extent do people you work with share problematic beliefs?   How do we refocus on the private and the personal?   How can we work to change institutional cultures in marketed higher education? Questions to Consider
  5. 5. Questions? Further Questions?