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Storytelling y comunicación para ONGs

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  1. 1. Communication strategy for nonprofits Expectations? Hello!
  2. 2. Think about your NGO: What do you have to communicate? Identify it in general categories. Awareness Fundraising Brand positioning Social Programs Daily work & News NGO from Nicaragua provides Education and Nutrition for children from poor communities
  3. 3. When you have an order from highest to lowest, you will know: 1. The behavior patterns of your audience 2. The days, hours, content, formats ... that work 3. You will have valuable information to publish content the following month
  4. 4. Presentación expectativas
  5. 5. Presentación expectativas
  6. 6. Storytelling? • It’s a narrative technique of communication used to tell a story in a different way, connecting emotionally with their audiences. • Effective or persuasive communication gets you to do an action (after receiving the message) that you initially didn’t plan to do. Introduce the problem + Give the solution + Call to action
  7. 7. It is not the same to say "A vaccine against malaria costs € 1” As to say "With a euro you can save the life of a person by vaccinating it against malaria." "Today Sara dreams of studying medicine after starting her treatment against malaria thanks to the euro per week you donated " Or say
  8. 8. Can a single person have more impact than an entire organization? Never! Just humanize the organization Humanize o Animalize!
  9. 9. I can not believe it!
  10. 10. 1. Storytelling is emotional (and disables rational criticism) 2. It is the human face of an organization 3. Entertain (you feel identified with someone or something in the story) 4. The values of your organization become specific and visible 5. Get donations and donors 6. Increase the loyalty of your social base Why should your NGO be interested in storytelling?
  11. 11. Video1: Surprise + emotion = reaction Video2: what a wicked mind! Do not be disappointed with me! Video3: how to communicate something seriously in a fun way
  12. 12. ROLE PLAY
  13. 13. 1. Nonprofit board of directors(20 seconds) 2. Volunteer (20 seconds) 3. Beneficiary (20 seconds) 4. A Neighbor (20 seconds) 5. Government (20 seconds) 6. The company (20 seconds) 7. Donor (20 seconds) 8. A familiar (20 seconds) 9. A provider (20 seconds) 10.Mass Media (20 seconds) 11.A fundraising facer (3 minutes) *required
  14. 14. Thanks!