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Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence in Universities - Learning from Pan-European Practice.

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Welcome and induction to the day and the USVreact project.

Pam Alldred (Brunel University London, UK)

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Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence in Universities - Learning from Pan-European Practice.

  1. 1. FINDINGS CONFERENCE 9th November 2017 Suppor�ng Survivors of Sexual Violence in Universi�es: Learning from pan-European prac�ce Welcome by Dr Pam Al!dred h�p:// #USVreact
  2. 2. team g Committee g Principal) Investigator:) Pam)Alldred) (Brunel)University) London,)UK)) Co?Investigator:)) Alison)Phipps) (University)of) Sussex,)UK)) Project)Manager:) Gigi)Guizzo) Communication)expert:) Juan)Pedregosa) (CEPS,)Barcelona)! UK) Brunel)University) London) UK)) University)of) Sussex)) UK)) University)of)York)) Spain) URV) Spain) EHU) Italy) UNiTO) Greece) Panteion)University) MARTA,)Latvia) University)of)York,)UK) Brunel)University) London,)UK) St)Mary’s)University,)UK) TBC) University)of)Sussex,)UK) University)of)West)of) England,)UK) Lancaster)University,)UK) URV,)Catalunya) UB,)Catalunya) EHU,)Basque)Country)) UB! ! VDS,)Serbia) ) Mondragon)University,) Basque)Country)
  3. 3. #USVreact •  Brunel U •  Sussex U •  York U •  URV, Catalonia •  UPV, Basque Country •  Panteion •  UNITO Italy Greece UK Spain
  4. 4. Challenging Gender-related Violence   Gender-based Violence (GBV) needing intersec�onal analysis, esp. race, ethnicity, culture, class and age dimensions   Social jus�ce needing norm cri�cality (e.g. revision of a Eurocentric curriculum etc.)   Cri�cal awareness of sexualisa�on and cri�cal readership of pornographic images 13/11/17 www. 4
  5. 5. DEFINING‘‘Gender Related Violence’’(GRV) (Alldred 2013; Alldred, Biglia et al 2014) ‘sexist, sexualizing or norm driven bullying, harassment or violence whoever is targeted’’ more poli�cal defini�on of violence than WHO (2002)’s ‘inten�onal use of physical force or power…’
  6. 6. Feminist tools Deconstruc�on Consciousness -raising
  7. 7. Na�onal Union of Students (NUS) 2010, 2013
  8. 8. The Broader Cultural Context: DETOX NEEDED
  9. 9. PANEL 1: Good practice in supporting students disclosing sexual violence   Alexandra Zavos, Panteion University, Greece   Barbara Biglia, URV, Spain   Izaskun Andueza, UPNA, Spain   Ruth Lewis, Northumbria University, UK h�p:// #USVreact