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Fill Your Sales Funnel Using Twitter's New Business Dashboard

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Now you don’t need 20 other tools to use Twitter effectively to reach your desired customers, test effectiveness of your calls to action, and interact directly with prospects to lead them through your sales funnel. Twitter Dashboard is a new tool designed to help small businesses connect with their customers and community, get a clear picture of what’s being said about their businesses, schedule Tweets, and gain insights about Tweet performance analytics, including impressions, replies, re-tweets, and likes on both recent tweets and recent engagements. In this talk, Cindy F. Solomon, will demonstrate how to:

Discover what’s being said about your business on Twitter at a glance to connect with customers and respond to potential customers with valuable information
Tweet when the time is right to reach your audience when they’re online and you’re busy doing other things
Start conversations and engage your audience even when you’re not sure what to Tweet.
Connect with specific prospects at the right time with the right information.
Add comments to other people’s tweets and raise visibility of your brand interests.
Quickly and easily promote a specific Tweet without having to use the Twitter Ads

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Fill Your Sales Funnel Using Twitter's New Business Dashboard

  1. 1. startupproduct.comTM Fill Your Sales Funnel Using Twitter’s New Business Dashboard Cindy F. Solomon October 6, 2016
  2. 2. startupproduct.comTM Founder, Global Product Management Talk podcast Organizer, Product Talks community, Product Therapy, Product Summit Conf Founder, Movement for Product Excellence By Design & SUPA Product Academy Contributing author, 42 Rules Of Product Marketing, and Guide To Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge Past Webinar Moderator for AIPMM webinar series 30 years of working in tech: web development, services, software product marketing & management at Apple, Vadem, NetObjects, start-ups & SMBs Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM @cindyfsolomon
  3. 3. startupproduct.comTM Key Take-Aways 1. Contribute Value Twitter Format 2. How To Immediately Pin A Tweet 3. New Twitter Dashboard Features 4. Automate Valuable Content
  4. 4. startupproduct.comTM
  5. 5. startupproduct.comTM Always Be Contributing Value Twitter enables you to contribute value by expanding your reach to connect with new and existing customers. Discover what’s happening right now Increase your brand awareness Provide timely customer service Connect with potential customers, brand advocates, and influencers
  6. 6. startupproduct.comTM Best Practices Twitter Format To Contribute Value
  7. 7. startupproduct.comTM
  8. 8. startupproduct.comTM How To Pin A Tweet
  9. 9. startupproduct.comTM Select “Pin To Your Profile Page”
  10. 10. startupproduct.comTM Click The “Pin” Button
  11. 11. startupproduct.comTM Twitter Is Open For Business
  12. 12. startupproduct.comTM
  13. 13. startupproduct.comTM Get Started With Twitter Dashboard
  14. 14. startupproduct.comTM What You Get With Twitter Dashboard .
  15. 15. startupproduct.comTM
  16. 16. startupproduct.comTM Describe Your Business
  17. 17. startupproduct.comTM Twitter Tips for Content
  18. 18. startupproduct.comTM
  19. 19. startupproduct.comTM See All of Your Mentions in One Place
  20. 20. startupproduct.comTM Monitor Specific Keywords
  21. 21. startupproduct.comTM Specify Terms To Monitor ● By default, this includes your Twitter handle and business name, but you can expand the list to include custom hashtags and other phrases people might use to mention your business. ● There’s also an option to specify negative keywords. This will filter out keywords people might use that could be mistaken for your business. ● Tip: Include your company’s URL in case people mention your company or content without tagging your Twitter handle or business name.
  22. 22. startupproduct.comTM
  23. 23. startupproduct.comTM Schedule Tweets
  24. 24. startupproduct.comTM Tracking Analytics
  25. 25. startupproduct.comTM Analytics
  26. 26. startupproduct.comTM
  27. 27. startupproduct.comTM In-Depth Analytics for Individual Tweets
  28. 28. startupproduct.comTM Customer Support
  29. 29. startupproduct.comTM
  30. 30. startupproduct.comTM Secret Sauce To Automate Your Content
  31. 31. startupproduct.comTM Automate Your Tweets With RSS Feeds
  32. 32. startupproduct.comTM Curate Your Feed LIst
  33. 33. startupproduct.comTM Thank You!! Free Download! "Twitter for Business: Everything You Need to Know"
  34. 34. startupproduct.comTM Product Therapy Mondays
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