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Webinar@ASIRA: Introduction to Using TEEAL to Access Agricultural Journals

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By Joy Paulson, the Director of the TEEAL Project and the International Projects Librarian at Mann Library, Cornell University.

24 February 2017- 15:00 CET

--The webinar was held as part of ASIRA (Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture) Online Course for Low-Income Countries--

TEEAL, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library, is a database that provides access to peer-reviewed, research journals in Agriculture and related-sciences without the need for internet connectivity. Currently TEEAL provides access to 450 research journals. Additionally, TEEAL also begun to provide access to non-journal research material that can be difficult to find and access. The first collection is research sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its partners and grantees.

TEEAL is delivered on a small-footprint computer that can be plugged into an institution’s local area network (LAN) or a stand-alone computer. When connected to an institution’s LAN, TEEAL is available across the institution to all members of the institutions community.

This webinar will introduce the TEEAL database, explore its collections, and demonstrate methods for browsing and effectively searching to identify the research the user needs. Eligibility for TEEAL and costs will also be discussed. There will be an opportunity for questions.

About Joy Paulson
Joy Paulson is the Director of the TEEAL Project and the International Projects Librarian at Mann Library, Cornell University. She has been the Director of TEEAL for over 5 years, and she has taught international workshops on using TEEAL and other electronic resources, information literacy, scientific writing, and digital project management Africa and South Asia. Her previous work focused on developing digital library collections.

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Webinar@ASIRA: Introduction to Using TEEAL to Access Agricultural Journals

  1. 1. TEEALInformation about using TEEAL to instantly access thousands of articles from over 450 journals in agricultural and related sciences. The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) Contact us at: Email: Website:
  2. 2. Welcome to TEEAL, where the world’s published knowledge is at your fingertips • Over 550,000 full-text articles in PDF – and always growing! • 450+ journals • 90+ publishers • Agriculture and many other related sciences • Updated every year • Articles or abstracts in French and Spanish • Excellent offline option in eligible countries Above counts are as of April 2015
  3. 3. TEEAL Eligibility and Criteria • Recently, we’ve updated our eligibility criteria • While we’re updating details on our website, we refer to the Research4Life list: ora/eligibility/en/ (portion of list on left)
  4. 4. • CABI • CSIRO • Elsevier • FAO • NRC Canada • Oxford Press • Taylor and Francis • and many more Over 90 publishers donate their journals to TEEAL. Institutions subscribing to TEEAL own a collection valued at over $1 million USD – for a modest fee.
  5. 5. With coverage of so many subject areas, you have a wealth of articles to fit your research needs Agricultural engineering Agriculture Animal sciences Biology and genetics Biotechnology and applied microbiology Chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics Economics and development Entomology and pest control Environment and ecology Fisheries Food and nutrition Forestry Human medicine Plant and soil science
  6. 6. The evolution of TEEAL ß When TEEAL began, all journal material was on CDs. You’d have to go to the #’d CD of your desired PDF TEEAL then switched to an external hard drive for use in the LAN environment, making all PDFs accessible on a single piece of à hardware
  7. 7. ß This is TEEAL. A redesign of the collection was released to subscribers on a “mini computer” The evolution of TEEAL
  8. 8. Get started now discovering and instantly accessing articles in the TEEAL collection installed at your institution.
  9. 9. Get started using the Search box Type your search terms in the Search box on the home page to instantly generate a list of article citations TIP: Try to avoid a very general search, such as farms, which will generate too many results. Use Boolean operators for more than two terms.
  10. 10. Use search tools and the new facet feature to dig deeper and focus your search to find more relevant articles
  11. 11. Choose your articles from a list of search results Your results are displayed in a list of citations. Each citation gives you key information, such as article title, author, journal, and a snippet of the abstract. You can open the full citation for more details or go straight to the article.
  12. 12. What’s in a citation? The full citation gives you a more in-depth description about your article. You can open your article from here, too.
  13. 13. Are full articles provided by TEEAL? Every citation links to its article. Articles open instantly because they are stored locally on TEEAL hardware at your institution. (No internet used.) TIP: If you have troubling accessing TEEAL please consult your IT department for assistance.
  14. 14. Narrow your search Too many results? Results not relevant enough? Use search tools such as searchable fields (title, author, subject) and the new facet feature. TIP: Search an author by typing the last name in the box and selecting Author as the field. You can add the initial of the first name (i.e., search for Frank Smith: Smith AND f).
  15. 15. Also locate your articles by browsing the collection by journal title or subject area
  16. 16. Want to browse TEEAL’s collection? If you already have an article in mind, or wish to browse a journal, go to the Academic Journals option in the Browse menu. Expand the contents to see a journal’s years, volumes and articles.
  17. 17. Save or print citations and articles Need to save it to print later? Select citations in your search results, then in the Bookmarks page format them for printing. TIP: You can select, or bookmark, multiple citations in your Search Results.
  18. 18. What have you already searched? Click on the History link at the top of the window to view your previous searches. You’ll see the number of results per search. You can re-initiate a past search.
  19. 19. Tips on searching Take a few minutes to review these helpful tips. Your search results will improve and you’ll save time!
  20. 20. Need more help? Answers to most of your questions can be found in the Help page, along with best-practices for getting the best search results.
  21. 21. An offline library the institutions owns All you need is a PC or laptop. All of the more than 550,000 articles available are on the TEEAL hardware. You own the whole library when you have TEEAL – accessible at your fingertips.
  22. 22. TEEAL users in more than 600 institutions in over 85 eligible countries have instant access to the world’s latest published scientific information – and we’re always reaching out and expanding to new institutions
  23. 23. The TEEAL project greatly appreciates past and ongoing support of global and regional organizations that help raise awareness of TEEAL and, in some cases, assist institutions that wish to acquire it.
  24. 24. TEEAL’s Goal: access to the scientific literature ultimately will lead to: • Increased quality of research • Improved training for new scientists • Improved graduate and undergraduate education • Better extension programs • Long-term improvement in food security for food-deficit countries
  25. 25. We hope you are ready to start using TEEAL! The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) Cornell University, Albert R. Mann Library 237 Mann Drive, Room B75 Ithaca, NY, 14853, USA telephone: 1+ (607) 255-8939 e-mail: website: Become a fan of TEEAL on Facebook! Please contact us for additional support. We invite you to also visit our informational website.