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The predicament of connectivity and the changing landscape of collective action

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Presentation by Eduardo S. Brondizio at “Science-policy exchange: Big ideas to connect landscapes, climate and development” Discussion Forum on the second day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2015, in Paris, France alongside COP21. For more information go to:

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The predicament of connectivity and the changing landscape of collective action

  1. 1. The Predicament of Connectivity and the Changing Landscape of Collective Action Eduardo S. Brondizio Department of Anthropology Center for the Analysis of Social Ecological Landscapes (CASEL) The Ostrom Workshop in Policy Analysis and Political Theory Indiana University Bloomington, United States GLOBAL LANDSCAPE FORUM Science-policy exchange – Big ideas to connect landscapes, climate and development Paris, Dec 6, 2015
  2. 2. Steffenetal2015. The Great Global Acceleration … and its regional manifestations Brondizio 2013
  3. 3. Governing landscapes of overlapping property regimes The changing nature of collective action Urban vulnerability & networks shape regional landscapes Connectivity and Acceleration Landscapes and Social Processes
  4. 4. Xavante Indigenous Reserve Ka’apor Indigenous Reserve Island of Landscape Governance: Connectivity and the limits of level specific governance systems ISA 2008. Xingu Indigenous Park > 40% in Indigenous and Conservation areas
  5. 5. Fire events 2005-2015 Source: Juan Doblas, ISA/Programa Xingu “Populações tradicionais e proteção territorial: o caso da Terra do Meio” IPBES seminar Nov 15, 2015. University of Sao Paulo. Deforestation [Prodes 2014] Evolving Property Regimes, forms of attachment and management: Landscapes Within, Above, and Below
  6. 6. Indigenous Militia against loggers The Washington Post, Nov. 2015 Small farmers, communities protesting soy expansion and water pollution (Santarem/BR 163, field photos) Discussing reforestation plans across boundaries (Canarana, Xingu Indigenous Park, Rosely A. Sanchez) Collective Action Dilemma: Boundary enforcement Trans-boundary governance
  7. 7. 1970 1980 1990 2010 Padoch et al 2008; Costa, S. M. and E. S. Brondizio. 2010, Pnedo-Vasquez et al 2011; Brondizio et al 2013 The Brazilian Amazon: An Evolving Inter-Urban Articulation with high degree of ‘rural’-’urban’ circulation 1900.0 1950.0 1970.0 1990.0 2010.0 0 200 400 600 800 1000 Cities[#]
  8. 8. The face of urban vulnerability 60-90% population moderate to very high degree of vulnerability =[lack infrastructure, flood risk, income, social indicators] Mansuretaln.d.,Brondizio2011 Insolvent municipalities cannot respond to accelerated demands
  9. 9. Urbanization and the Changing Nature of Collective Action Problems Functional Inter-dependence: limits to local level responses
  10. 10. The co-evolution of inter-urban networks, agrarian expansion, and territorial conservation will shape Amazonian landscapes in the coming 20 years The Predicament of Connectivity Brondizio n.d. Structuraldeterminants Constraints-Opportunities Action-Interactions Emergentlandscapes
  11. 11. Bridging Institutions as social capital in complex landscapes Aligning funding of climate challenge mitigation efforts to the SDGs Incremental approach to improving basic social conditions and resilient ecosystems Complex Systems thinking for landscape decision support Final Remarks
  12. 12. Thank You!
  13. 13. NathanVog April2 Brazil StateSmallholder SettlementProject StateAgro-Extractive SettlementProject FederalAgro-Extractive SettlementProject FedereralConservation SettlementProject FederalPublicForest forTimberConcessions Legend %MunicipalCapitals MunicipalityLimits PrimaryRivers RoadandTrailNetwork FederalLandinProcess LandTenureRegulariza FederalConservationUn MiningConcession FederalSmallholder SettlementProject StateLandinProcessof LandTenureRegularizat Evolving Property Regimes and forms of Attachment: Landscapes Within, Above, and Below (Brondizio et al n.d.) Lower Amazon/Santarem/TransaAmazon/BR 163 1974 2010