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Way forward on criteria and indicators towards permanent restoration of Indonesia’s peatlands

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Presented by Haris Gunawan, Deputy of Research and Development, Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG), at Webinar "A Synthesis and Way Forward", 17 December 2020.

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Way forward on criteria and indicators towards permanent restoration of Indonesia’s peatlands

  1. 1. Way forward on Criteria & Indicators Toward Permanent Restoration of Indonesia's Peatlands Dr. Haris Gunawan Deputy of Research and Development Peatland Restoration Agency of The Republic of Indonesia
  2. 2. Way Forward on Criteria and Indicator Criteria and Indicator Note Biophysics Hydrological indicators are water table and water level, soil moisture, fire susceptibility and number of climax species. Economic Value of economic trade off between society,environment and economic in form of integrated peatland ecosystem services Social Cohesive with Multiple stakeholder Governance Accountability, Effectiveness, efficiency, fairness, participation and transparency Enablers: • policy towards progressive and dynamic of peat restoration • Multi national cooperation at international boards • Multi parties at national and international level, public-private sectors, scientists- practitioners During 4 Webinars There are more than 30 thoughts about C & I are collected Talking about • Biophysics • Social • Economy • Governance Synthesizing Ideal Process to develop C & I Policies
  3. 3. The most crucial to way forward soon: Water Balance and Monitoring System • Application of TMWB Model (water balance module and calibration) • SIPALAGA and PRIMS (Monitoring water level and soil moisture)
  4. 4. Hypothetic way forward • Evaluating the progress and dynamics of water management towards water balance in all targetted areas equipped with monitoring systems • Evaluating the dynamics of revegetation as improved water balance in all revegetation sites Biophysics (water balance integrated with revegetation) • Evaluating the feasibility of measures which can promote green economy, based on economy and ecological indicators (water tables and soil moisture), integrated with social acceptance • Action research to implement studied feasible measures Economy-Social-Ecology (livelihood for people socially and economically and restored peatlands economically) Modality forwards BRG activities provide insight toward C&I development, suitable and precise data must be used to established comprehensive C & I for peatland restoration (Dr. Wardhana)
  5. 5. Conclussion • the existing bio-physical Criteria that BRG has been enriched by the socio-economic and governance criteria and indicators (C&I) • C&I is "progressive" and "dynamic" for measuring and monitoring restoration success, it is not a steady art. • Particularly, the changing behavior and practices should be evaluated too, including the involvement of private sector and non-state actors. • The criteria and indicator for peatland restoration are set. Covering biophysics, social, economy and ecology which are set to be trade of and supported by policy measure • The modality to way forward are available covering the transdisciplinary multi expert. Several monitoring equipment and models, tremendous action research from BRG and cooperation with multi-parties (including government, NGO, National and international parties), develop participatory approach at local scale • Example action at many location from research and implementation are available, which can be assessed at plot level (2.5 -20 ha), or one zone (sub-PHU or water zones), and how the way forward for larger scale (landscape or PHU) shall be more researched.
  6. 6. Thank You Sungai Baung, Seruyan, Kalteng