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Revolutionizing Crtitical Infrastructure Connectivity

  1. RevolutionizingCriticalInfrastructure Connectivity:ThePowerofOpenSource CloudNativeWirelessNetworking. Chijioke“CJ”Ejimuda
  2. Chijioke “CJ” Ejimuda Works at a MAANG. Disclaimer: This presentation represents my own view points and not of my employer. 2
  3. Utilities Critical Infrastructures. 3
  4. Utilities Rail Critical Infrastructures. 4
  5. Utilities Rail Wind Critical Infrastructures. 5
  6. Mostly run on high latency SCADA networks. Source: Utilities Rail Wind Oil & Gas
  7. Most things depends on Electricity. Source: LTE + 5G Networks. Inaccessible and costly.
  8. Source: Big or not easily affordable. 8
  9. Source: Run cloud native applications. 9
  10. Source: LTE Cell Site Equipment. 10
  11. Source: Linux Foundation - Magma. K Meta Connectivity developed and open-sourced MagmH K Flexible, low cost and scalable networks 11
  12. Source: LF Project - Magma. 12
  13. Most things depends on Electricity. Source: How would it scale?
  14. Source: Cloud Native. 14
  15. Most things depends on Electricity. Source: Mobile World Congress (MWC) Announcements.
  16. Telco Network Builder Telecom Network Automation Azure Operator Nexus Public Cloud Providers. 16
  17. Device OEM’s. 17
  18. 18
  19. Source: It’s Time to Build! 19
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