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#CMWorld Content Strategy Twitter Chat

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Featuring SAP’s Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael and Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi

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#CMWorld Content Strategy Twitter Chat

  1. #CMWorld Content Strategy TWITTER CHAT Featuring SAP’s Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael and Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi #CMWorld •
  2. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q1: Let’s get started! What is the difference between #contentmarketing and #contentstrategy? #CMWorld
  3. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A1: #contentmarketing is the WHAT and WHEN and #ContentStrategy is the WHY, WHO and HOW #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael @CMIContent #contentstrategy is knowing what your audience wants. #contentmarketing is the creation/distribution #CMWorld Jason Ouellette @JayOuellette A1: #contentstrategy is the plan#contentmarketing is the action #cmworld Jason Aplin @JasonAplin A1: #contentmarketing and #contentstrategy are tied at the hip. You should NOT have one without the other. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi
  4. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q2: What is the first step you’d recommend when developing a content strategy? #CMWorld
  5. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A2: 1st step in content strategy is defining the business objective or the content marketing mission statement @JoePulizzi calls it #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael A2. Develop buyer personas! How else will you know who you’re creating content for? Or what they need? #cmworld Ardath Albee @ardath421 #CMWorld A2: First step in creating #contentstrategy is defining personas and the objectives of the campaign Cat Fyson (Koozai) @Koozai_Cat A2: #contentstrategy - Who (Personas) and Why (Our Business Objective and the Informational Pain Point We are Solving with Content) #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi
  6. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q3: What tools, calendars, resources do you use most when developing content strategy? #CMWorld
  7. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A3: The most underutilized tool of all time with #contentmarketing - Actually talking to real live customers! #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi Q3: My key tool for #contentstrategy is @Topsy - I map an interest graph of people talking about a particular idea or topic. #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity A3: The most important tools for us include lots of keyword research, clear personas and analytics to test and measure #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael #CMWorld A3: There are so many tools out there - Google Trends is definitely a favourite though, and Content Generators are fun Cat Fyson (Koozai) @Koozai_Cat
  8. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q4: What is the best way to determine who in your organization is the best person to connect with your customers? #CMWorld
  9. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A4: we have tens of thousands of employees @SAP and they ALL have something to say, special knowledge and skills and experience #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael A4: Trick question...all employees are connecting with customers today. So culture is key here. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi A4: The role belongs to the shepherds in your company...everyone SHOULD participate #cmworld Jason Aplin @JasonAplin @joepulizzi A4: Employees can be invaluable brand ambassadors & help humanize the org. It’s about education, training & guidelines. #CMWorld Jessica Smith @WarJessEagle
  10. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q5: Does your organization have a documented content strategy? How did you build your business case for it? #CMWorld
  11. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A5: We have nine documented buyer personas, but have chosen to develop #contentstrategies for two of them. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi A5: We have a documented #contentstrategy with executive buy-in for segments of our business also #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael A5: You don’t have to have a #contentstrategy for every persona. You can make the choice...and should. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi @BrennerMichael Without analytics to add additional insight - you only get half the picture. But human insight to analytics is key! #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity
  12. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q6: How does design play into content marketing? #CMWorld
  13. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A6: design is huge! It offers the biggest opportunity to differentiate your branded content marketing #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael A6 Design is not just the visual aspect – design thinking guides my #contentstrategy process. :) #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity @CMIContent A6: There’s a lot of noise out there; good, compelling design will help you stand out from the crowd. #CMWorld Jessica Smith @WarJessEagle Designers are (or should be) involved in content strategy from the get-go! #CMWorld JoSEPH KALINOWSKI @ringo66
  14. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q7: How do you decide which is best for your #contentmarketing – video, text or images? #CMWorld
  15. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A7: We use persona-based research to determine initial mix of content types but then test, test, test what works. #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael @CMIContent A7: Some combination of the 3 is preferable. Also, the strengths of the staff creating the content has to play a role #CMWorld Kristen Hicks @atxcopywriter A7: What is the content mix that accomplishes your goals? - sales, lower costs, happier customers, etc. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi A7: Depends on objective, audience and budget. A combo of all three would be ideal. #cmworld Reena Vadehra @ReenaVadehra
  16. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q8: What are some best practices in getting people to share your content? #CMWorld
  17. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A8: Start by building your influencer hit list (at least 10-15 people). Share relevant content. Give A LOT to build your audience #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi @CMIContent Sharing plenty of content yourself! Someone whose content you’ve shared with reciprocate if yours is good #CMWorld Kristen Hicks @atxcopywriter #cmworld A8 if it’s not interesting to you, it’s not interesting to them. Ken Ericson @kenericson A8: I find one of the most effective methods is to ask. Send out an email with pre-crafted tweets, LI and FB updates. Make it easy. #CMWorld Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite
  18. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q9: What are some rules we should consider when deciding if content is off-limits?
  19. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat If your mother wouldn’t be proud of your piece of #contentmarketing, don’t distribute it. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi Repeat after this tweet: No one cares about your product or service, they care about themselves. Create content people care about. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi @CMIContent shareable content is hard. have to resist the urge to create promotional content no one wants or reads #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael
  20. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q10: Our last question: Now that we’ve talked about building a strategy, how do we decide how much content is enough? #CMWorld
  21. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @CMIContent A10 more is not better. Give #content room to breathe so conversation can build #CMWorld anna @annasternoff A10: I don’t believe any brand can create all the content customers seek. Must mix creation, curation, syndication to reach goals #cmworld Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael A10: I wouldn’t look at it like that. Less is more, so spend the time you have to create quality, not quantity #CMWorld James Perrin @Koozai_James A10: I dont think the problem is too much content, its not enough good content. If you sustain quality content nobody will complain #cmworld Henry Johnson @TalktoHenryJ
  22. #CMWorld • Content Strategy #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Want to learn more? Want to discuss the latest trends in content marketing and get advice from some of the experts you will see at Content Marketing World? Each week join Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) and a guest as we discuss both key content marketing topics and event tracks for Content Marketing World, as well as our industry marketing summits. Simply follow #cmworld on twitter to join the conversation. • July 2: Content Strategy with Michael Brenner @brennermichael • July 9: Search and Social with Lee Odden @leeodden • July 16: Financial Content Marketing with Mitch Joel @mitchjoel • July 23: Social Media Marketing with Joe Chernov @jchernov • July 30: B2B Content Marketing with Ardath Albee @ardath421 • August 6: Small Business Content Marketing with Brian Clark @copyblogger • August 13: Multi-Channel Marketing with Andrew Davis @tpldrew • August 20: Technology Content Marketing with Rohit Bhargava @rohitbhargava To better understand content strategy, download CMI’s Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to Success. To read the full transcript of this chat, visit