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Search is getting so complicated: multiple search engines, bidding algorithms and AI, forecasting, and budget management. In this world of machine automation how do I maximize my productivity without losing control? In this session we’ll have a look at the tools available to search marketers in Google Ads as well as some time-saving technologies that have been implemented by 3rd party platforms to help you save time, extend your reach, and be more competitive in your SEM program.

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  1. 1. Strategic Paid Search Marketing Automation Series Please hold for our next presentation starting at 11pm PT / 3pm ET KENSHOO PRESENTS: AUTOMATION & CROSS-CHANNEL Optimize Your Search Campaigns with Google Smart Ads, Competitor Analysis & Controlled Budget
  3. 3. Today’s Logistics ● Session Recording & Slides Will Be Sent Out ● Submit Questions to Our Panelists ● Resources Available as Handouts ● Join in the Poll Questions! Persephanie Arellano Webinar Coordinator
  4. 4. Today’s Speaker Allen Hammock Sr. Search Strategist
  5. 5. Leverage Automation & Cross-Channel Data to Grow Your SEM Program Allen Hammock, Kenshoo
  6. 6. ▪ Kenshoo helps brands reach consumers in the moment as they Explore, Share, and Engage. Kenshoo proivdes a software platform and UI, independent from publishers that helps you improve your productivity, maximize performance and gain strategic insights into your business. Kenshoo’s Mission EngagingSharingExploring
  7. 7. of Fortune 50 Spend under management Growth year over year Brands #1 in Search and Social, per Internet Retailer Headcount in R+D, Product + Technical
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda ● Why all? ● Automation fears and challenges ● Automate to extend your reach ● Automate to improve your performance
  9. 9. Why all?
  10. 10. POLL QUESTION True or False: I have automated some of my tasks using Excel spreadsheets
  11. 11. Google Sheets Add-On ● Import from multiple Google Ads accounts ● Customize columns, filters ● Automated refresh schedule ● Easily share reports with groups or individuals Did you know?
  12. 12. Why all? ● Improve your productivity and save time on tactical operations ● Increase your performance by optimizing to real-time changes in demand ● Outsmart your competition by finding untapped pockets of opportunity ● Table’s necessary just to stay in the game at all
  13. 13. Automate...for productivity .25 hr/week Automated Bidding Keyword Cannibalization and CTR-Optimized Keyword Suggestions 0 hr/week Automate checks and alerts across all campaigns 2 hr/week Pull Pacing Data to Check Spend & Campaign Performance 3 hr/week Analyze Performance & Keyword Data and Adjust Campaigns 3 hr/week Create New Campaigns for Key Promotion 4 hr/week Modify Execution to Deal with Additional Spend .25 hr/week Automated Campaign Sync .5 hr/week Automated Forecasting and Budget Pacing
  14. 14. Automation for Performance
  15. 15. Outsmart your competition
  16. 16. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Google Ads Table stakes Adwords Scripts Platforms
  17. 17. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Table stakes
  18. 18. Automation fears and challenges
  19. 19. Automation fears & challenges ● Economics of build versus buy ● Loss of control ● Publisher bias ● Measurement of true impact
  20. 20. Economics Build vs. Buy ● Platforms cost tens of thousands of dollars per year to license ● Annual license commitments ● New software to learn ● Vendor lock-in concerns
  21. 21. Control Everything changes ● Unexpected changes to CPCs ● Lower traffic volumes ● More volatality in conversion rates ● Some new mental gymnastics
  22. 22. Bias and lock-in Visibility into true cost ● Incremental value of optimization algorithms questioned ● Measurement problems across channels, online and offline ● Machine learning “black box” bias ● Becoming co-dependent
  23. 23. Automate to extend your reach
  24. 24. Automate to extend your reach ● Synchronize campaigns across Google and Bing ● Synchronize audience segments across Google, Facebook, and Email ● Customize ad messaging and targeting to audiences at scale
  25. 25. Bing Campaign Sync ● Import Google campaigns ● Sync on a schedule ● Automated refresh schedule ● Manually fix errors and URL / tracking differences Did you know?
  26. 26. 1:1 Sync
  27. 27. Audiences become key opportunity
  28. 28. Search dominates Bottom of funnel Re-Targeting Search ads Brand terms Product searches Non Brand Terms Generic terms Site links ??????
  29. 29. A Primer Leverage to capture users that have already shown interest in your product and reach these same users with ongoing, consistent messaging A user searches on Google or is targeted on Facebook and clicks on your ad INTERACT Google or Facebook matches these consumers using their own profile data. MATCH A Custom Audience is created to retarget these users on Facebook or Google CUSTOM AUDIENCE These audiences are available for targeting or for seeding a lookalike / similar audience. TARGET
  30. 30. Tag Facebook campaigns Update the URL of the Facebook activity Create website audience in Google Segmentation Automation Audience tags created Select Google account to create audiences Approve URL changes Cross-channel Audiences
  31. 31. 1:Many for Audiences
  32. 32. Customization through scripts
  33. 33. Automate to improve your performance
  34. 34. Automate to improve your performance ● Considerations for bidding automation ● Implementing and testing bidding automation ● Measurement impact of automated bidding on business growth
  35. 35. Bid automation considerations Do you... Some algo’s best if... - You need to optimize only to CPA/ROI/max conversions/eCPC - Publisher conversions agrees highly with your own source of truth - You don’t have delayed conversions - You are not as concerned about bias toward last click/lower funnel - Your only conversion source is the publisher pixel - Optimize to complex custom metric? - Require bid transparency and control? - Have delayed Conversions? - Have concern about bias toward last click/lower funnel? - Conversion data outside of Google Ads? How to decide which kind(s) of algorithms are right for you
  36. 36. Getting started... ● Pick the right strategy ● Audit your campaign settings ● Keep it simple ● Don’t start with aggressive expectations Testing Best Practices
  37. 37. Measurement is a big problem ● ● ●
  38. 38. Attribution promises... Source:
  39. 39. A B A/B Incrementality 10 25 30 6 6 10 A B Takes organic performance into consideration to measure overall lift and assess value Compares performance for two specific objectives
  40. 40. Drafts & Experiments ● Automated “split” ● Attempts to minimimze opportunity cost ● Built in monitoring ● Some loss of transparency into bid landscape & keyword performance Testing Tools
  41. 41. - 02 Intervene Maintain activity in one set of geos, while changing it in the other. - 01 Split Split the area of interest to 2 groups of GEOs (DMAs, Zip, Cities, countries etc.) - based on historical data. - 03 Measure We measure incremental ROAS, which is defined as: iROAS = 𝚫Return/𝚫Spend Where 𝚫Spend and 𝚫Return are the incremental spend and return (revenue, conv, …) between the two groups One approach to incrementality measurement
  42. 42. ● Cross-channel tests - Mobile, Video, Retargeting ● More transparent than testing designs ● Best approach to include offline data ● Eliminates the noise on the national level ● May uncover the Halo Effect
  43. 43. Hypothesis B2B Client wanted to understand the true incremental value of the branded SEM campaigns. They inadvertently discovered when turning them off that the impact to their bottom line wasn’t as large as expected Incremental Incremental CPA* Brand CPA reported by Google (Last Click)* Solution Running a 50:50 Geo Holdout incrementality test across the US for their Branded SEM campaigns, they were able to understand the true incremental CPA these were driving and find out that nearly 2 out of 3 conversions were not incremental. VS *Indexed CPA for example use
  44. 44. EXIT POLL: Did you find any of this session useful?
  45. 45. BONUS: Automate to get a real-time edge
  46. 46. Dynamic ads
  47. 47. Dynamic ads
  48. 48. Dynamic ads
  49. 49. Dynamic ads
  50. 50. Thank You! Allen Hammock Search Strategist Interested in talking to Kenshoo more? ● Write to Michael Gueurin ( to ask about Kenshoo solutions ● Email me!
  52. 52. Q & A Allen Hammock Director, Search Strategy
  53. 53. Strategic Paid Search Marketing Automation Series Please hold for our next presentation starting at 12pm PT / 3pm ET ADTHENA PRESENTS: 5 BEST PRACTICES TO ELEVATE SEARCH PERFORMANCE Optimize Your Search Campaigns with Google Smart Ads, Competitor Analysis & Controlled Budget