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Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with "Automated" Virtual Machines

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Presentació de Jordi Guijarro, del CSUC, a la sessió 3: OpenNebula Experiences, dins la jornada Open-source Cloud TechDay

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Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with "Automated" Virtual Machines

  1. 1. Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with “Automated” Virtual Machines
  2. 2. Why Terraform? • HashiCorp • Open-source software (OSS) • Written in golang • Community/Support • Multi Platform
  3. 3. Terraform Resources
  4. 4. OpenNebula provider for Terraform
  5. 5. Example Opennebula Template for Amazon EC2 The attributes are provided in the OpenNebula Template
  6. 6. OpenNebula provider for Terraform: Features • Leverages OpenNebula's XML/RPC API • Tested for versions 5.X • The following list represent's all of OpenNebula's resources that are fully functional and tested: • onevm • onetemplate • onevnet • oneimage
  7. 7. OpenNebula provider for Terraform • OpenNebula API for the Go programming language • Alternative provider:
  8. 8. Proof of concept (PoC) Jenkins Pipeline with Terraform and AWX or Ansible Tower
  9. 9. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Repository on GitHub or GitLab SysAdmin CommitCommit Jenkins Build Server Checkout
  10. 10. Jenkins Pipeline I
  11. 11. Jenkins Pipeline Parameterized Build The credentials will be provided with Jenkins Secrets
  12. 12. Jenkins Pipeline: State Terraform Apply The pipeline use tower-cli to add automatically hosts to the inventory
  13. 13. Jenkins Pipeline: State Run Playbook Finally launch a Job Template in Ansible AWX or Ansible Tower
  14. 14. AWX Jobs AWX use the credentials added during the OpenNebula Contextualization
  15. 15. Thanks and be ONE!!! +IAC Tutorials at