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Cake & Socialyse February 2016 Instagram Updates

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An up-to-date look at what's new on Instagram

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Cake & Socialyse February 2016 Instagram Updates

  1. 1. What’s  Happening  on  Instagram…     60-­‐Second  Video  Ads       What  It  Is     Previously  limited  to  15  and  30-­‐second  clips,   Instagram  opened  up  60-­‐second  video  ads  in   early  February.  T-­‐Mobile  and  Warner  Bros.   were  some  of  the  first  brands  to  uGlize  the   format,  however,  a  growing  list  of  brands  have   begun  to  take  advantage  of  the  extended   version  since  its  release.       Brand  Applica8on     With  less  restricGve  lengths,  the  extended  ad   format  is  a  great  way  for  brands  to  leverage   more  pre-­‐exisGng  creaGve,  efficiently.  With   that,  it’s  important  for  brands  to  keep  in  mind   that  the  first  few  seconds  of  a  video  are  sGll  the   most  criGcal.  UGlizing  the  full  60-­‐seconds  may   not  be  beneficial  for  all  brands  or  campaigns,   but  rather  the  benefit  is  within  the  flexibility  of   the  updated  length.     View  Counts  on  Video   Why  It  Ma;ers       As  a  widely  used  metric  when  looking  at  user   intent,  Instagram  will  begin  to  include  view   counts  on  videos,  publically,  in  the  coming   weeks.       AdverGsers  will  now  have  the  strategic   advantage  of  seeing  the  popularity  of  their   video  content  organically,  which  will  lead  to   smarter  use  of  paid  support  on  the  plaPorm.   This  feature  is  currently  only  being  launched  for   video  content  –  not  photo  content  (yet).       Likes  will  sGll  be  viewable  by  tapping  the  views.