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Robert Kwon: Panel - Future Wireless Extensions of Regional Optical Networks

  1. CENIC - NRP Panel on Future Wireless February 9, 2023 Robert Kwon AVP Engineering, CENIC
  2. 20,000,000+ Californians use CENIC ● 8,000+ miles of optical fiber ● Members in all 58 counties connect via fiber-optic cable or leased circuits from telecom carriers ● Over 12,000 sites connect to CENIC ● A non-profit chartered & governed by its members ● Collaborates with over 750 private sector partners and contributes approximately ● > $100,000,000 to the CA economy ● 25 years of connecting California The California Research and Education Network (CalREN)
  3. CENIC is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation with the mission to advance education and research statewide by providing a world-class network essential for innovation, collaboration, and economic growth. Charter Associates: •California K-12 System •California Community Colleges •California State University System •Stanford, Caltech, USC •University of California System •California Public Libraries •Naval Postgraduate School Other Members Include: •Scientific and Cultural Institutions •Private Colleges and Universities •Hospitals and Specialized Medical Institutions •Biomedical, Science, Space, & Environmental Research Organizations •Tribal Nations
  4. CENIC and PRP
  5. 15 Years of NSF-Funded Real-Time Network Cameras on San Diego Mountains for Environmental Observations Mt. Woodson Red Mt. Mesa Grande Mt. Laguna Lyons Peak Cabrillo National Monument Red Mountain (near Fallbrook) 360° panorama Mount Woodson 360° panorama Mesa Grande 360° panorama, near North Peak 90°+ cameras Mount Laguna 360° Panorama, Lyons Peak 360° panorama SMER highlands SW, NW, and NE, Santa Margarita river, Santa Monica Mountains Castro Peak Cabrillo National Monument 90°+ cameras, tidepools, Visitor Center Skyline High Performance Wireless Research & Education Network
  6. Work Flow NSF-Funded WIFIRE Uses PRP/CENIC to Couple Wireless Edge Sensors With Supercomputers, Enabling Fire Modeling Workflows Fire Perimeter Real-Time Wireless Meteorological Sensors Weather Forecasts Landscape Data Firemap
  7. PRP Upgrades HPWREN Data Servers, Connects Them With CENIC/PRP Optical Fiber Backbone • CENIC/PRP Connects UCSD and SDSU – Data Redundancy – Disaster Recovery – High Availability • CENIC Extension to UCI & UCR – Data Replication Sites UCI Antenna Dedicated June 27, 2017 Vint Cerf, Louis Fox, Ramesh Rao Frank Vernon, Larry Smarr
  8. 81 Sites connected over wireless Connected Wireless Site Includes Libraries, K- 12s, and Remote Centers for Universities
  9. Potential to Scale Fixed Wireless using CENIC Optical Fiber Backbone in California Potential Wireless Extension