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Agenda Programme 3rd ISRA Colloquium 2013

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Islamic Finance

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Agenda Programme 3rd ISRA Colloquium 2013

  1. 1. 2nd 2-3 October 2013Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia COLLOQUIUM AGENDA DAY 1 (2nd October 2013) 8.30 am Registration 9.00 am OPENING CEREMONY • Recitation of Du’a • Welcoming Remarks Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Akram Laldin, ISRA Executive Director • Opening Address Dato’ Muhammad Ibrahim, Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia 10.00 am Break & Refreshment 10.30 am ISRA PRESENTATION • Islamic Capital Market “Sovereign Wealth Funds in Muslim and Non-Muslim Countries: Historical Perspective and Current Developments” • Islamic Banking “The Need (al-Hajah) Principle and Its Application in Islamic Finance ” • Takaful “Fiqh Adaptation (Takyif Fiqhi) for the Performance Fee of Surplus from Takaful Participants Risk Fund” 11.30 am PRESENTATION OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PAPERS Moderator :Assoc. Prof. Dr. Said Bouheraoua (ISRA) • Northern University of Malaya (UUM) “The Ethical Reasoning for Muslims Accountants and the Consistency between their Ideals and Realities: Case in Yemen” • National University of Malaysia (UKM) “The Possibilities of Institutionalising Islamic Social Banking in Malaysia: An Explorative Empirical Analysis” • INCEIF, The Global University for Islamic Finance “Esham: A Fixed Return, Yet Shari’ah Based Instrument of Investment” 1.00 pm Lunch break and Zuhr prayer 2.30 pm CONTINUES - PRESENTATION OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PAPERS • University of Malaya (UM) “CSR in Islamic Financial Institutions: An Exploratory Study of Philanthropic and Ethical Orientations” • International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) “Islamic Financial System and its Ethical Values: A Solution to Financial Crisis” • MARA University of Technology (UiTM) “Moderating Effect of Education and Income Variables on the Relationship between Vulnerabilities and Need for Micro-Takaful Among the Low Income and Poor in Malaysia” • Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) “Defining Harmonization Of Shariah Rulings In Islamic Finance” 4.30 pm End of Day 1 Colloquium 3rd 2013“Socio-ethical Dimensions of Islamic Finance: Between the Ideals and Reality” Patron Sponsor Academic Partners The National University of Malaysia
  2. 2. DAY 2 (3rd October 2013) 9.00 am PRESENTATION OF ENGLISH RESEARCH PAPERS (MULTIPURPOSE HALL) Moderator :Dr. Shahida Suhaimi (UKM) 1. Assessing the Financial and Management Strength of Islamic REIT during the Global Financial Crisis 2. Business Ethical in Takaful Industry: Between Myth and Reality 3. Contextualizing Social Capital in Risk Sharing 4. Ethics in the Light of the Shari’ah 5. Evaluating Corporate Image of Islamic Banks from Malaysian Perspectives : A Customer-service Personality Congruency Approach 6. How Ethical is Islamic Banking in the Light of Maqasid al-Shari’ah? 7. Is There a Cost of Being Shariah-Compliant and Socially Responsible? 8. Islamic Ethics of Management: Principles and Standards PRESENTATION OF ENGLISH RESEARCH PAPERS (MEETING ROOM 1) Moderator :Dr. Sharifah Faegah (UKM) 1. Islamic Finance and the Shari’ah: Ethics, Justice and Social Responsibility; an Australian Connection 2. Socio Ethical Dimensions of Islamic Economy and Issues of Modern Interest and Riba: An Analysis in the Light of the Practices of the Contemporary Muslim World 3. Tawhid and Ethics in Economics System: The Quest for Explaining the Theoretical Foundations 4. The Ethical Reasoning for Muslims Accountants and the Consistency between their Ideals and Realities: Case in Yemen 5. The Tense Dichotomy between Shari’ah Compliance and the Economic Goals of an Islamic Bank 6. Towards an Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the Islamic Finance Industry - A Preliminary Literature Survey 7. What Drives Shari’ah Stock Index - Conventional Dow Jones or Interest Rate ? Evidence From Malaysia Market PRESENTATION OF ARABIC RESEARCH PAPERS (MEETING ROOM 2) Moderator : (ISRA) 11.‫اإلسالمية‬ ‫السوق‬ ‫في‬ ‫التجاري‬ ‫السلوك‬ ‫وضوابط‬ ‫آداب‬ 22.‫اإلسالم‬ ‫في‬ ‫المالية‬ ‫التعامالت‬ ‫أخالقيات‬ 33.‫اإلسالمي‬ ‫االقتصاد‬ ‫في‬ ‫االستثمار‬ ‫اسس‬ 44.‫واألخالقيات‬ ‫يعة‬‫ر‬‫الش‬ 55.‫ات‬‫ر‬‫للتطو‬ ‫مسايرة‬ ‫ام‬ ‫لألخالقيات‬ ‫اقبة‬‫ر‬‫م‬ :‫الشرعي‬ ‫للتصنيف‬ ‫االسالمية‬ ‫الدولية‬ ‫كالة‬‫الو‬ 66.‫اإلسالمي‬ ‫التمويل‬ ‫في‬ ‫األخالقية‬ ‫القيم‬ ‫تعزيز‬ ‫ضرورة‬ 77.‫تطبيقية‬ ‫ية‬‫ر‬‫نظ‬ ‫اسة‬‫ر‬‫د‬ :‫يا‬‫ز‬‫مالي‬ ‫في‬ ‫السلع‬ ‫سوق‬ 88.‫التأخير‬ ‫امة‬‫ر‬‫غ‬ ‫فرض‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫من‬ ‫يا‬‫ز‬‫بمالي‬ ‫اإلسالمية‬ ‫البنوك‬ ‫في‬ ‫المتعثرة‬ ‫الديون‬ ‫معالجة‬ 10.30 am Break & Refreshment 10.45 am Continuation of Research Paper Presentation 12.00 noon AWARD GIVING CEREMONY • The Best Paper Award (University) • The Best Paper Award (English) • The Best Paper Award (Arabic) CLOSING REMARKS 12.30 pm Lunch