Mezzanine Financing for Smart Guys

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This PowerPoint is to be viewed with that associated video located at Combined they provide a brief overview of mezzanine financing for profitable private companies that cannot obtain adequate financing from commercial banks. Upon completion of the tutorial, you will have gained an overview of the structure and pricing of mezzanine loans for small and medium businesses as well as the steps required to successful seek out a loan from the hundreds of providers currently available in the marketplace.

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  • Really interesting, you have to be smart with your money!!
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Mezzanine Financing for Smart Guys

  1. 1.   Contributor:   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274     Mezzanine  Financing  for     Smart  Guys   These  slides  are  intended  to  be     viewed  in  conjuncLon  with  the     video  presentaLon  located  at   at  hNp://   CapitalMaNers/august-­‐newsleNer-­‐   24945726.   Combined  they  provide  a  tutorial   for  obtaining  mezzanine  financing  for     small  and  medium  businesses.   Capital  MaNers  
  2. 2. Capital  MaNers   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  3. 3. Capital  MaNers   Mezzanine  Debt  Summary   •  Term  Loan  Subordinate  to  Bank  or  Asset   Based  Lender   •  Fills  Financing  Gap  for  Profitable  OperaLng   Companies   •  UnderwriLng  Based  on  OperaLng  Profits   and  Enterprise  Value   •  Most  Lenders  Look  for  $2  Million  +  of   EBITDA,  but  Some  AlternaLves  for  Smaller   Companies   •  Dedicated  Mezzanine  Funds,  Private   Equity  Firms  and  SBICs   •  Total  Debt  (Senior  and  Mezzanine)  Three   to  Five  Times  EBITDA   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  4. 4. Capital  MaNers   Mezzanine  Debt  Summary  (2)   •  Three  to  Five  Years  Interest  Only,   frequently  Unsecured   •  Yields  Tied  to  Company  Size  and  Perceived   Risk   •  EBITDA  of  $8  Million  Highly  CompeLLve   with  Coupons  Ranging  from  High  Single   Digits  to  Low  Teens   •  Smaller  Companies  –  Current  Coupon  in   Low  to  Mid-­‐teens  plus  Repurchasable   Warrants  to  take  Total  Yield  to  High  Teens   or  Low  20%  Range   •  Intercreditor  Agreements  Can  be  Major   Issue  in  Gehng  a  Deal  Closed   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  5. 5. Capital  MaNers   •  Make  Your  Case   •  IdenLfy  Your  Prospects   •  Make  Contact   •  Share  the  Info   •  Follow  Up   •  Sell  the  Value   •  NegoLate  the  Deal   •  Support  Due  Diligence   •  Manage  the  Lawyers   •  Push  to  Close   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  6. 6. Capital  MaNers   •  Making  Your  Case     Due  Diligence     Telling  the  Story     Modelling  the  Numbers     CIM     PowerPoint     Deal  Summary   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  7. 7. Capital  MaNers   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  8. 8. Capital  MaNers   •  IdenLfying  the  Prospects   •  Proprietary  Lists   •  Databases   •  Web  Research   •  Axial  Market   •  Networking   •  CollaberaLon   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  9. 9. Capital  MaNers   •  Making  Contact   •  Email   •  Snail  Mail   •  Phone  Calls   •  Phone  Calls   •  Phone  Calls   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  10. 10. Capital  MaNers   •  Sharing  Info   •  Blind  Summary   •  HighlighLng  Calls   •  NDAs   •  Conference  Calls   •  Video  MeeLngs   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  11. 11. Capital  MaNers   •  Follow  Up   •  Sell  the  Value   •  NegoLate  the  Deal   •  LOI   •  Define  the  Bargain   •  Roadmap  for  Lawyers   •  Path  Forward   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  12. 12. Capital  MaNers   •  Support  Due  Diligence   •  RelaLonships  are  Key   •  Prepare  for  the  AudiLon   •  OrganizaLon  is  Key   •  Professionalism   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
  13. 13. Capital  MaNers   •  Manage  the  Lawyers   •  Push  to  Close   “I’ve  Never  Closed  a   Deal  that  Didn’t  Fall   Apart  Five  Times”   Host:   John  Slater   901-­‐684-­‐1274    
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