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Syntax. reported speech andy y danny

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Syntax. reported speech andy y danny

  1. 1. In this part, like an activity, we’re going to play a game called «Chinese Whispers». 1. First of all, we have to stand up and form a line or a circle in order. 2. Second of all, when you’re ready, I’m going to give a short message to the first person that’s next to me. 3. Then, that person is going to pass the message to the person that’s right beside him/her. 4. Finally, the message has to pass until the last person on the line or the circle. 5. If the message is correct, the last person will have a prize.
  2. 2. Goal question: What did the frog tell the princess when she lost her ball? Comprehension Questions: Why did the princess refuse the frog’s proposal? Why didn't the princess want the frog? What do you think about her father’s reaction? In your opinion, what happened in the story that made the princess change her opinion about the frog? QUESTIONS
  3. 3. • He told her that if he found the ball for her • she should take him to the palace with her • The princess told her father everything that had happen • She saw that in the place of the frog there was a handsome young prince • A wish curse him
  4. 4. When you speak directly to another person is reported speech or direct speech? What tense are we using when... Reported speech is formal or informal? In what situation you use reported speech? TRIGGER QUESTIONS