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Your First Assistant App with DialogFlow + Firebase

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How to make your first Assistant App using Actions on Google, DialogFlow and Firebase Cloud Functions

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Your First Assistant App with DialogFlow + Firebase

  1. 1. Easily Bot-Development with Assistant, DialogFlow and Firebase Carlos Azaustre Community Specialist & Software Engineer @carlosazaustre
  2. 2. What are Apps for Assistant? Apps for Assistant are an exciting new way to interact with your users through the Google Assistant. They provide a conversational interface between you and your user, and they are super simple to build with DialogFlow. You can build all sorts of Assistant apps, from home automation to games and services
  3. 3. What is Dialogflow? Dialogflow provides a server-side infrastructure to create conversational scenarios, then build advanced dialogues to manage the conversation flow with the user.
  4. 4. What is Google Assistant? Google says that the future is Artificial Intelligence First. AI is making computers “smart” so they can think on their own. Google Assistant allows you to have a conversation with Google through: ● Machine Learning: Teaching computers how to see patterns in data and act on it. ● Speech Recognition and Language Understanding: Being able to understand you when you are talking
  5. 5. What is Firebase? Firebase is a unified mobile development platform that provides tools to help you build, grow and monetize your app. It has features to provide Backend services: Firebase Realtime Database: Cloud-hosted NoSQL database that stores data as JSON Cloud Functions for Firebase: Let you run backend code on Google Cloud infraestructure that responds to events in your firebase project.
  6. 6. Typical Architecture
  7. 7. How configure DialogFlow for your app Agent: Basically is your project/app in DialogFlow console
  8. 8. How configure DialogFlow for your app Entities: The values we are trying to capture from the user phrases. E.g: “Bitcoin Currency”
  9. 9. How configure DialogFlow for your app Entities: The values we are trying to capture from the user phrases. E.g: “Bitcoin Currency”. It is important ‘to help’ the machine learning algorithm in DialogFlow to train itself by providing synonyms. E.g: Euro, Dollars, USD, bitcoin,...
  10. 10. How configure DialogFlow for your app Intents: An intent is triggered by a series of “user says” phrases.
  11. 11. How configure DialogFlow for your app Intents: E.g: “Please, tell me what is the bitcoin value in euros” or “What is the blockchain size today?” You should create separate intents for different types of actions though: ● Price intent - this intent will handle the main actions: fetching the bitcoin price ● Total intent - this intent will tell user the number of existing bitocoins in the world. ● Quit intent - this intent will handle the part when the user wishes to finish the action
  12. 12. How configure DialogFlow for your app Price Intent example: Type few sentences that you will want to use to get information on bitcoin. DialogFlow starts to train its algorithm. DialogFlow automatically recognizes that the phrase includes one of the entities
  13. 13. How configure DialogFlow for your app Webhook: With this tool we can fill with the URL of a external or own webservice. In this example we use a Cloud Function that it triggered by HTTP event
  14. 14. How configure DialogFlow for your app Cloud Function: const Assistant = require('actions-on-google').ApiAiAssistant; exports.bitcoinInfo = (req, res) => { const assistant = new Assistant({request: req, response: res}); // Fulfill price action business logic function priceHandler (assistant) { … } // Fulfill total bitcoin action function totalHandler (assistant) { … } // The Entry point to all our actions const actionMap = new Map(); actionMap.set(ACTION_PRICE, priceHandler); actionMap.set(ACTION_TOTAL, totalHandler); assistant.handleRequest(actionMap); }
  15. 15. Test the intent In the Dialogflow console
  16. 16. Integrate with Actions on Google We can integrate Actions on Google in DialogFlow console. We can integrate other platforms as Slack, FB Messenger, etc...
  17. 17. Simulate in Actions on Google Like the Dialogflow simulator but it is as complete Assistant App. Try the example!
  18. 18. Resources ● Codelabs from Google Developers ● Firebase website ● Firebase Documentation about Cloud Functions ● Dialogflow website ● Actions on Google website