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Influencer Analysis Assignment

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Provided by Professor LaShonda L. Eaddy at Southern Methodist University. This assignment allows students to track top influencers and analyze their performance.

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Influencer Analysis Assignment

  1. 1. Influencer Analysis Assignment Professor LaShonda L. Eaddy Top Influencers 1. Who were the top 10 influencers over the past year? (either for organization or for organization’s cause) Include name, organizations and beat 2. Highlights from past year (ie, who had the most representation among the top influencers) 3. What were the most popular beats? 4. What percentage did the top three influencers account for among the 10 highest. 5. Provide visuals to help when necessary Share of Voice 1. Reach: What percentage did your organization’s reach represent of the total reach across it and its competitors? 2. Volume: What percentage did your organization’s volume represent of the total volume across it and its competitors? 3. Provide visuals to help when necessary Tonality Highlights 1. Over the past year, what day saw the highest spike or greatest decrease in tonality? How did sentiment change? 2. Provide visuals to help 3. Compute a tonality score. (Tonality score is the percentage of positive articles) 4. Provide visuals to help when necessary Key Message Highlights 1. What were the key messages over the past year? 2. What word/phrase has the highest mentions and what was the accompanying key message? 3. What word/phrase had the highest total volume across all key messages and how many mentions did it have? 4. What word/phrase had majority share of the key message mentions? 5. What word/phrase had the largest average mentions of all messages? 6. Provide visuals to help when necessary Social media exposure 1. Highlights from the year (ie, when the social volume peaked and what was the amount) 2. What platforms accounted for the most social volume? 3. What platforms does the organization have social presence on? 4. What’s the distribution of social media exposure on the various channels? 5. Provide visuals to help when necessary