(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Social Strategy

Executive Strategy Director, Brand Experience at Ologie
6 de Aug de 2013

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Social Strategy

  1. (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Strategy Carolyn Kent | EXPRESS Manager, Social Media & Mobile Marketing @CarolynLKent
  2. What We’ll Cover 1) Social Media: A Definition 2) Where to Start with Your Strategy 3) In Which Sandbox(es) Should You Play? 4) Creating Content Fit for a King 5) Monitoring: A Professional Term for “Stalking” 6) Measurement: Did It Work?
  3. Social Media: A Definition
  4. Social Media: A NOT Definition 4 Social Media ≠ Social Media ≠ Social Media ≠
  5. Social Media: A Definition 5 Interactions among people in which they create and share information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Source: Social Media Examiner, “2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report”
  6. 6 Social Media: Constant and Rapid Evolution The social landscape changes daily with winners and losers constantly leaving a mark on the industry and consumer. Key Changes • Mobile is becoming the dominant platform. • Brands are embracing visual content. • Social marketing occurs in real time. • Brands are becoming social organizations with many departments adding to the voice. • Personal filters provide consumers even greater control of your message. • Not all trends matter to your brand. 6
  7. Where to Start with Strategy
  8. 8 Resist the Urge to Jump Into Tactics 8
  9. 9 Complete This 3-Step Program 1. SET OBJECTIVES. 2. ALIGN TO KPIs. 3. CONDUCT A LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS. 9 “We need to be on Facebook.” “Increase awareness & trial of our jeans.” Likes, Shares, “Engagement” Content Interactions > Click-throughs > Conversion Rate > Cart Size
  10. 10 Build Your Roadmap 10
  11. 11 Quick Tips for Strategizing 11 1. Start with objectives, not tactics 2. Understand what the landscape looks like – for customers and competitors 3. Build a roadmap
  12. In Which Sandbox(es) Should You Play?
  13. 13 Use Social Channels the Way Your Customers Do 13 While aligning to objectives & resource constraints!
  14. 14 Choose the Right Channel for the Right Activities 14 Customer Service SEO Traffic/Sales Awareness Branding
  15. 15 Quick Tips for Selecting Social Channels 15 1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew 2. Be where your customers are… 3. …but also where you can realize return
  16. Creating Content Fit for a King
  17. The Future is Mobile… SOCIAL SHOPPING MOBILE DELIVERY • Number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices has increased by 60% in the last two years; use of mobile-optimized content marketing has risen from 15% in 2011 to 33% in 2012. • Customer-curated content on digital displays • Product recommendations • Scannable product videos • RFID product integration • Mobile customer tracking 30% of shoppers use their mobile devices to take pictures while shopping in stores; 26% to scan barcodes; 24% to access social networking sites; 20% to use the brand’s app • Socially shareable assets • Music integration • Personalized service • Loyalty points for social activities Sources: Spotlight Communications, MediaBistro & Mobile Commerce Daily, July 2013 MOBILE VIDEO Within the first 24 hours of Instagram Video launching, there were 5 million videos uploaded; by 2017, 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video-based • Editorial videos • Blogger integration • Live event coverage • Shoppable mobile video • Customer testimonials 17
  18. ….and Requires Content SECOND SCREEN In 2012, there was an 800% increase in top TV show tweets; 41% of people have used their mobile devices to browse for a product after seeing it in a show or ad Sources: Spotlight Communications, MediaBistro & Mobile Commerce Daily, July 2013 CONTENT CURATION 80% of marketers share 3rd- party content in order to improve brand visibility and buzz HOLISTIC SOCIAL There are over 20 million students and recent college graduates, which makes them many niche platforms’ fastest- growing demographic. 18
  19. BUT: Keep Content “Snack-Sized” 19 Consumers are increasingly partaking in social media from a mobile device… Image-centric platforms/content are thriving because consumers are extremely pressed for time and attention… Hence, people want quality nuggets of content – NOT whole, butchered chickens of mediocrity. >
  20. Channels Should Have Unique Content Plans 20
  21. What NOT To Do 21
  22. Quick Tips for Content Creation/Curation 22 1. Think mobile consumption first 2. Deliver snack-sized micro-stories 3. Find the right ratio of curation-to-creation 4. Templatize and customize 5. Don’t be desperate
  23. Monitoring (Slash, “Stalking”)
  24. 24 Why Monitor? 24 1. Protect brand reputation 2. More efficiently serve customers 3. Gain competitive/industry insights 4. Inform product/service enhancements 5. Help refine strategy
  25. 25 Monitoring Platforms are as Plentiful as Social Networks 25
  26. 26 Seize Opportunities Without Being a Creeper 26
  27. 27 When is Your Response Too Fast? Take off your business hat and put on your personal hat
  28. 28 What NOT To Do 28
  29. 29 Quick Tips for Monitoring 29 1. Understand that you will never get it 100% right 2. Surface all feedback/intel to internal teams 3. Respond with context & appropriate brand voice 4. Accept that you don’t own the conversation
  30. Did It Work?
  31. 31 Choose and Communicate the Right Metrics 31 AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT TRAFFIC/REVENUE LOYALTY • Increase in audience base • Share rate of content • Volume/velocity of social conversations about the brand • Passive vs active measures • Tiers of interactivity • Socially-driven site and brick- and-mortar traffic and revenue • Breakdown of traffic/revenue by content type • Trending base of repeat customers / social loyalists • Volume of rewards against social actions • Incrementality in visits/purchases • Power of influence
  32. 32 Develop a Dashboard to Track/Communicate Success 32
  33. 33 Quick Tips for Measuring Success 33 1. Socialize results with leadership 2. Be flexible in adjusting KPIs as platforms evolve 3. Refine your strategic approach accordingly
  34. A Parting Thought
  35. 35 The Goods: Tools & Templates 35
  36. 36 QUESTIONS? CAROLYN KENT @CarolynLKent